60th Celebration timings

HI All, I am planning a trip for the end of May and I was wondering about the new parade, fireworks, and WOC. Will they probably be offered at the same time as the old ones, you think? As in, while I am making the T.P.s now, I can use the current place holders as accurate times?
Ugh, does that make sense? WOC time of day= WOC Celebrate time of day, etc…

The times’ll probably be the same or near current ones. You can create placeholders now & adjust when times are announced.

NAOMI! (Not stalking you, just watch Lines app :blush: ) Thank you for replying!

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So. We are coming the 26 and 27 of May. How insane will it be that week After Memorial Day and the release of the new fireworks ans stuff ?

Busy, especially grad nights on those 2 dates. So Cal select AP blackouts start June 5 so they’ll be in the parks after work. Have noticed there’s only one grad night during the week leading up to May 22 so possible AP events?

I did not notice those are grad nights ? Do you have any idea what time the parks will close. Is it at both parks ?

Also. Is there a restaurant we can book for WOC. DH HATES the waiting corals there.

Thank you for your help :blush:

Park hours not posted yet but going by last year, DL closes 11pm, DCA 10pm. Grads get 1 day parkhoppers, most show up a couple of hours after park open. So early entry & rope drop are the key. DCA is where grad night takes place. WOC dining is prix fixe menus(TP has menus listed) at Carthay Circle, Wine Country Trattoria, Ariel’s Grotto.

Thank you so much.