60 Days to Go!

Got my FastPasses today, incorporated them into my plans, and everything looks wonderful.

This trip is a bit different for us. We have some days with 2 people, some days with 4 people, and some days with 7 people including a preschooler. We have 4 days with :::gasp::: late starts of 1PM, 12PM, 12PM, and 1PM.

And what I love about TP is that I was able to input all of my information and still get something that will work for each of these scenarios.

Thanks, TP!


Congrats on doing well with your FP. I hope you find your late start days as successful as the early ones.

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They actually, the late days I mean, look really good. I was kind of surprised how much I’ll be getting in.


67 days for me. Two days with 3 adults and then 7 days with 5 adults, a 3 year old and a just turned one year old. Can hardly wait to see WDW through the eyes of a child.


i have 12 days left before i do my fastpasses i can’t wait

I know, isn’t it great? Those PTPs are so spot on accurate too. The 1st time I used them vs the standardized ones in the Unofficial Guide, I was very pleased.

We were there that year during 8/9 CL days and it was the 1st time we’d be using fpps vs the paper ones. I was amazed how accurate the plans were and how we breezed along.

It was also my grands’ 1st Disney trip, and one of them was only 2 years old. I’d never toured Disney with a 2 year old, my own kiddos were 4 and 5 on their 1st trip, so I wanted to have things in as much good order as I could.

It worked out even better than I had hoped.

And BTW, I’m a huge believer in afternoon breaks. However, we were there October weather last year & b/c of MNSSHP the plan necessitated 2 afternoons in the parks. Because it was cooler, also crowds lower that time of year, it worked out very well.

I already have a headache just reading your post. Bless you for organizing it all. But since you are a liner, I can only assume it is a labor of love. On your visit, please give due warning to the cast members because I am on my way. My 60 day mark happens on Friday, August, 23rd.

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I love watching the kiddos at Disney!

Are you finding it more challenging with all the tiers? I did. Almost felt like when FP+ first came out and figuring it out all over again.

I am! FP s in 17 days, and figuring out DHS is hard! EEMH will have ended before we get there, so I feel like there isn’t any good strategy. We only have a half day in DHS since it’s a very short trip, and I don’t know if we’ll have time for any standby lines other than MFSR. I was hoping to finally ride ToT for the first time, since it’s something I can’t do when the kids are with us. But with the new tiering I’ll probably have to skip it again, since our Tier 1 FP is going to go to something that DH and I can do together. Most trips we enjoy doing some shows, but it irks me to be forced into a FP for one, especially a FP that I know we won’t use and that may prevent someone else from getting the FP of their choice. (Will have to burn one early, when we plan to be in line for MFSR, since a same day FP will be my only shot at riding ToT.)

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