60 days to go, and dining all done!

Just sharing my excitement about how close I am to going Home again! Looking forward to dining at:

  • Liberty Tree Tavern

  • Olivia’s

  • Sanaa

  • Homecoming

  • Sci-Fi

  • California Grill

  • Yak & Yeti

  • Skipper Canteen

Also have reservations for:

  • Oga’s at park close

  • Savi’s just before that

  • Droid Depot


Nice line up!


I was doing CG on my actual birthday (7/3) but that was going to mean no nighttime AK this trip (and I already didn’t have that on this last trip which was unacceptable). So I opted to do CG on 7/4 instead. It would be chef’s kiss if by some miracle there were fireworks, but even if not then I still get the best of both worlds (AK at night and CG practically on my birthday).

I would also love it if pretty please with a cherry on top Tusker House would open before then (or Boma but that’s a super long shot since the hotel isn’t open over there yet and no date yet announced).


I love Boma but definitely highly unlikely to open.

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Solid choices right there, ma’am

I am so glad to hear they meet with your approval!

Were you able to book for 60+ length of stay, or did you have to long in everyday?

I did 60+10 this morning.

Is there a reason you thought I might not be able to?


:joy: :blush:

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Not really. Just so many rules have changed I wanted to be sure as my 60 days comes in while I’m still teaching. May need to take the morning off.

Also, I’m combining all my canceled trips for this one so we will be there 14days. What time do they open in the morning? 6am?

Yup 6am

For you, I’m pretty sure you’ll only be able to do the first 10 days; after that you’ll have to do the last 4 one day at a time IIRC

Only issue is I’m doing split stay. (4 hotels to be exact) Also cash for 6 days, DVC for the rest. Does that work automatically or will it treat them all as separate?.

Are you going to make notes for these? Cause I feel you need notes.

Get the Cheese Bread.
Get the spiced-rim on the punch
Bespin Freeze
Send money to @Randall1028 so he can fund his trip
Get The Deviled Eggs
Get your reservation for Gideons while at Homecoming

All of these are very important.


All separate so you’ll have 4 ADR days. ETA though I’ve heard something about combining DVC stays maybe?

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It’s something how I was able to get everything I wanted for my March trip with having to use the leading res hack. I think I’ll have to next time though.

There was a TP blog article the other day about Sci-Fi. They said the onion rings are better than the fries! :rage: I thought those were seriously the best fries I EVER had.

  1. DEFINITELY getting the cheese bread. I was definitely screwed over right there.
  2. I will do the Punchline Punch WITH the spiced rim, purely for the sake of research (oops that was a different thread).
  3. Bespin is on the list.
  4. Nice work at sneaking this in there, but that’s a hard no. Sorry dude. OTOH, book your next trip with me and I get dollars.
  5. Every time
  6. That’s a Big Brain Move and will save me going over there in the morning which is supposed to be a relaxing resort day

I will put these all in my spreadsheet in red and bold with an asterisk, which will say (obviously) “All of these are very important”



It’s possible I broke my own rule of not using loopholes and hacks. But Cali Grill on my “birthday” (okay on 7/4) was worth it. As was Savi’sn ear end of day, Oga’s at park close, Droid Depot when it works for us (not on that same day)

I don’t regret anything.

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mmmmm that doesn’t help me though. Or you. As I’m using DVC points. Pappa needs gift cards to buy snacks to satiate Tape-Worm Timmy.

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I’m sure you need ANOTHER next trip though.

And you’ve named your tapeworm? That’s… okay, not surprising actually.


Legitimately tried to book something…there’s NOTHING currently available when I can go or in my price range. Not joking. WDW is gonna be nuts for a while.