60 days plus what for FOP?

How many days ahead do you need to book FOP? Is there any hope of 60+1 for 4pm or so?

Looking at The Dibb - 60 +2 / 60+3 are available for the afternoon

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For what ride? Theres a page on the dibb that will give you the answer, can’t find it at the mo but sure someone else will post it shortly.

Edit 1. I’m drunk, did not see FOP.

Edit 2. See someone else posted the dibb even before I posted. I love this forum

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FOP = Flight of Passage :wink::grinning:

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Usually for FP+ book immediately when markup opens which I believe is 7am est. The farther out in your vacation you try to book the better your chances of getting what you want for rides and times. Always start with hard to get rides such as FOP and work your way in on your vacation schedule.

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I booked FoP at 60 + 1 for my end of April trip. The earliest time available was 5:45.

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I just helped someone get fast passes for FOP at 60+1. There was availability around 3pm. That was for early May

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We got a 6:30 pm FOP for 6 at 60+1. We are going end of April. I believe there were some at 5:30 but we had an order we wanted rides so we chose the slightly later one.

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Not helpful for 60+1, I know, but I managed a 9:25 AM at 60+5