60 Days and counting! Noticed a couple of things

It’s getting real now. We’re at 60 days as of today, from our next trip to the World.

I wanted to share a few things.

I made Fast Passes this morning. First thing that I noticed is that Kali River Rapids will be down for refurb during the trip (1/17 - 1/25). I’m not sure when it starts or ends. This was the first time as far as I know, and I’ve been checking all the sites, that KRR has been listed as a refurb.

Next thing was that I had no issue at all FP’ing 7DMT or A&E meet and greet. This time last year, they were both gone for the duration of our trip, which was also in January. Also, had no trouble with TSMM. :smiley:

I take those to be good signs since TP started predicting Crowd Level 10’s for MLK weekend. I was considering not even going on the day we arrive given that prediction. But now I’m thinking there’s a good chance it could be more chill crowd-wise.


I remembered one other thing.

We’re doing a split stay. I was pleasantly surprised to see that all 9 days were open for Fast Pass selection. I was wondering if they would be, because when I made ADRs at 180 days I had to wait until the 180th day for each portion of the split stay.

It’s a bit curious why one system recognizes that we’ll be there for 9 consecutive days (based on hotel reservations) and the other one doesn’t.

Kali almost always closes in Jan for a refurb; good timing because it’s frequently too cold to ride it…

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Yes! It was open when we went the first week of January, and it was FREEZING (despite being in the mid to upper 50’s)! The upside was that there were maybe 20 people total on the ride. Empty rafts on both sides of us.


You’re right. Last year it was only open for the first day of our trip. We made the unusual decision to go to AK first and foremost (after lunch at the Biergarten!). It’s one of DD’s favorite so we needed to prioritize.

We will be in AK on 1/3 and I hit the same thing with Kali and FP, I was thinking the same thing as you - I get updates from several sites on closures and not one of them has mentioned this that I have seen.

anyone know how long it’ll be down for? We’re going in Feb and KRR is one of my kids favorites.