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We are thinking of a previously unplanned trip during our April break. We took our DD5 (at the time) for her first Disney trip in August 2015. We weren’t planning to go back for a couple years, but I got hooked. So, we’re seeing if we can swing an April break trip.

Looking to go April 10 - April 15. Since we did a Deluxe stay in August, we’re looking to save as much money as possible this time. Looking at Pop Century with the Spring discount and 5-day base tickets.

Just wondering if anyone here has any money-saving suggestions, either for hotel (want to stay on property), tickets, or flights.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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They sometimes get a bad rap here, but we like the All-Star resorts. With a little, the theming at Movies is probably the best fit. As with anything, there are pros and cons, of course. Movies is the last bus stop, which can be a concern at times. On the other hand, all 3 of them are relatively small, despite how they look on the map.

Have a great trip!

I can give a vote to Pop. We’ve stayed there 3 times and like it very much overall.
A lot has to do with the room location. It is a bit a of a sprawling resort but if you can get a building close to the food court (and therefore fairly close to the buses), it can be pretty great.
It sounds like there are just 3 of you so the room size will be fine.
The best location we have had is in the 70’s building, first floor. Still a standard (not preferred) area but just a couple minutes walk to food/buses.
I’ve always been happy with the buses. Dedicated to that resort and pretty frequent.

My suggestions for decreasing costs:

  1. Book hotel as a room only on Orbitz. You will save 15% with a discount code off of Disney’s already discounted room. Also you could contact Magical Vacations Travel (Shelly is my TA) and see what they have left in their inventory. They have agency exclusives during your dates that might save quite a bit of money. Many liners have booked with them over the years and the rates are the lowest you will find. For comparison, I am booked with them for the Contemporary in May for $292 a night. Similar room is $400 a night on Disney website with the spring discount. They will have an offer for at least one value hotel and one moderate as well.
  2. Purchase tickets from Undercover Tourist. We have been using them for years without issue. This will save you a bit more.
  3. For flights, getting a Southwest Visa with its 25,000-50,000 bonus points is a great way to fly for free. Unfortunately I don’t know if you have enough time before the trip to do this. You need to apply for card, get card and spend 3K on card before they will give you the points. Then book flights with the free points.
    Hope this helps!
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