60+ Day FP Chart?

Do we have a chart somewhere of all the headliners that need to be booked at 60+ days? Like SDD evening FP typically available at 60+4 or whatever? I have no idea how to order my days to maximize this, other than have EPCOT last for Ratatouille.

From my experience and what I have read from others, currently SDD is the toughest, then FOP, then 7DMT. In terms of how hard each is to get, it varies from time to time. I generally think of SDD as being very tough to get until 60+4 or 60+5, FOP until 60+3 or 60+4 and 7DMT until 60+2, but again, it varies from week to week so hard (impossible?) to come up with a chart or rule. And then even if it is available on a given day, the times can be PM (or even evening) the first couple days of availability.

When/if Ratatouille, MMRR and RotR become available for FP, they will likely rise (no pun intended) to the top of the list with RotR being the toughest.

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This is probably your best bet.


Yes! I’d forgotten about this! Thank you!

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No worries!

I wouldn’t prioritize Epcot personally. Disney doesn’t always have FPP for new rides. Also, Epcot is one of the easier parks to complete all rides in a single day, especially if you aren’t into WS. I also had no trouble getting TestTrack at the exact time I wanted even though it was on our first day, but I barely got SDD even at 60+5 even booking it as our first selection (it was a 5:45 pm slot until they recently changed park hours and I was able to modify it to 8:45 am). Same with FOP. I’d prioritize FOP and SDD over all others. 7DMT was pretty easy for me to get at 60+2 (for 3:15 pm) and 60+3 (for 12:15).

Also, I’ve read that you don’t really want Epcot last since it doesn’t compare to the others in terms of excitement (for kids anyway). Not sure if that is the case for all, but we plan to start with Epcot, move to Magic Kingdom for 2 days (gives flexibility when booking fastpasses to have two park days), followed by HS and AK where it is harder to get FOP and SDD.

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We actually won’t be booking SDD because we don’t do coasters. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to RD Ratatouille but I will probably have our days firmly chosen by the time it actually opens and I can see how much buzz it gets. It will certainly be the most exciting thing in that park. I agree that it’s the least interesting (non-food anyway) and that was even before all the construction.

I use a combo of the Dibb charts and a Touring Plans:


As you get close to your 60 day FP you can go to the park and date on the Touring Plans site. It doesn’t update as after as dibb but I check it around 6:30 am on FP day for latest info.


Yeah … I made the mistake of going to Epcot for the evening of our arrival day and then the next full day (that’s what made most sense from a CL and FP perspective). DD4 was happy because she loves Frozen, but DS (23 months) didn’t really enjoy Epcot. He loved MK and that’s where we should have started.

Of course, it made things worse when the Nemo ride got stuck with DS right in front of the shark that pops in and out. He was scared and kept saying “Baby Shark go away!”


Both the charts @PrincipalTinker & @Trousers_of_time posted are both great. I checked the sites the night before & the day of Fastpass day and it was extremely helpful to determine which to go for first and what times were left. One thing I noticed when doing my fastpass selections a week ago is that if I selected a fastpass at 9:30-10:30 the next one they would show me is 10:40-11:40… it was the most modifying I’ve done but I was able to get them back to back.

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This is also helpful:

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