60 day Dining Reservations

Hi everyone,

My 60 day out time is rapidly approaching this week. From reading the forums and the TP site, I think I’ve familiarized myself with the reservations that are needed that far in advance. Let me list them here:

  • Oga’s Cantina

  • F! Dining Packages

  • WoC dining / dessert packages

  • Blue Bayou

  • Fancy hotel restaurants like Napa Rose

Is there anything else I need to worry about booking this far in advance? We don’t mess with characters so no need to mention character meals.


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Lamp Light Lounge can fill up pretty fast.


You’ve got the main ones. The only one I’d consider adding is Carthay Circle. WOC dessert package was amazing! Napa Rose is always a must for me. I’ve heard great things about Steakhouse 55. I’ve never been.
Have fun! Give us a trip report to let us know how it went. :slight_smile:

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@Disneydaddio eminded me of the tea at Steak House 55, that often sells out, especially at Halloween and Christmas time.

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Thanks everyone. Can someone remind me of the time of day that reservations are accepted? I’m on the East Coast. And I have to call each day, right - ie, my reservations for 11-3 I’d make on 9-3, 11-4 on 9-4, etc (as opposed to the WDW system).

Correct, it will open up on day at a time & at the earliest, 60 days prior, dependent on if the restaurants are up to date on submitting their schedules. Recently they have been very slow to load their schedules & at one point someone called in & reported that the system was currently 18 days behind ( so only about 42 days in advance). While that isn’t the norm all the time, whenever there’s changeover between seasons (Summer to Halloween or Halloween to Christmas) it is more common and often any dining packages are closer to 30 days than they are to 60 days.

So all this to say, if at 60 days nothing’s available, just keep checking back because it’s likely that the schedule just hasn’t yet been submitted for dining reservations to open.

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Yes, that exact issue is occurring now - the latest dates currently booking are early October. I called and they said you just have to check back every day - at some point they’ll release days/weeks all at once. This is apparently for DLR / DCA breakfasts / dinners - for some reason lunches are fine and Downtown Disney / hotels are fine. Thanks for commenting and sharing your insight.

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