6 months out - What am I missing?

I’m closing in on 180 days before our third family trip to WDW. Last time we planned a trip, Day 180 really meant something. This time, well, I’ve already got my resort reservations and my park tickets, and my question is this:

Is there really nothing else for me to do until 60 days out?

I know I’ll have to get park reservations eventually. And sure I’ll plan, re-plan and over-think every day of our trip and what my potential touring plans will look like. (Not to mention, lurk on this forum. :grin:) But I can’t really lock anything in until I have those ADR’s. I mean, sheesh, is that it? What might I be missing?


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I would do the park reservations now. You can ask ways change them later.


Thanks. Yeah, ok, will do.

Strange to not have to – or even be able to – make any other decisions until 60 days out. Feels weird.


It’s especially annoying to be waiting until park hours are released in order to plan for things like extended evening hours, since sometimes those days change.


Bingo. And for our week, MNSSHP nights. Which, I don’t even think we plan to do, but it certainly effects what might be our MK days. (Lights candle for them getting rid of park reservations all together.)

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