6 in a Row at WDW FIRST Time in February

Hi Liners!
I’ll be going in mid-February for the first time. I usually go in Summer (June or July). What’s the lowdown on the weather in Orlando that time of year? (I have no idea what to pack!..more long pants than shorts?) TIA for your advice

Hello! Went in February last year. Temps ranged from mid-40s to low 80s. So…I packed more pants than shorts, coats and hats and swimsuits. Weather in South Florida is fun! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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We always take a fleece jacket, hat, and small gloves with us. In 2016 we had to wear the hat & gloves because it was cold in the morning. In 2018 we had fabulous weather.

Anybody’s guess. It could be anything. This week highs are in the 80’s lows right around 70. This is the first time I have been here in January and have not brought any long pants or a coat. Just be sure to check the weather right before you go. I generally look at the NWS.

We have been to WDW four times in Jan-Feb and each time we have been comfortable in lightweight pants with short sleeve shirts with sweatshirts or jackets for the morning or evenings. But the way the temps look right now, we may actually get to wear shorts a few times this year. (we go in 13 days)

We were there at the end of Feb/early March last year, and we had wild swings. One day it was 90 degrees, the next day it was in the 60s and raining, the day after that it was in the low 40s, and then back up to 80s. Bring a bit of everything!

Be sure to have at least one shorts and at least one long pants, ditto with shirts.