6 FP on park day & MNSSHP day

So I recently read the old post from 2016 about how to get a total of 6 FP if you are visiting a park on a party day. I unfortunately had already purchased our party tickets, so I’m trying to understand how to transfer them to the dummy accounts. (we are staying on property, if that matters)
I created a dummy account and added all my of family members with slightly different names.
The next step I’m confused on. The original post says to link the dummy account to the real account.
Do I do this by being logged into the dummy account? I logged into my real account, but couldn’t figure out how to bring my dummy peeps over. I’m guessing I log into the dummy account, and search for the hotel reservation to bring my real peeps over onto the dummy account?
And then transfer the tickets? Will Disney then mail me hard copy tickets? My original reservation will be sending magic bands. I’m so afraid I’m going to screw this up somehow, please help!

I think in order for this to work you would have to have access to the “change party” function in MDE and then move over fast passes one at a time after you have used your first three. It is also highly possible and likely that I have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to this. Let’s see if more seasoned, knowledgeable folks weigh in.

Thanks Gnatjo. Bumping this in case anyone has advise?

@AuntB_luvsDisney might be able to help

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Nope. No change party neded

Thanks, I actually figured out how to transfer the tickets by messing around in both profiles. What I’m worried about now is my dummy profile people having access to the Memory Maker my real profile has during the MNSSP. Think they will be able to use the Memory Maker assigned to my real profile?

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You will need to become friends and family with your dummy account and each profile. Then you will transfer the party tickets to each of the dummy profiles. Make sure to keep child with child and adult with adult. You will need to stop by guest services to request RFID cards for the party tickets for entry and FP access. If party profiles are not on a resort stay FP will need to be made at 30 days not 60. Umbrella will not work.

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This is a non issue. Just wear your regular profile MB for photo scanning.

I was just going to add that if using dummy accounts make sure to NOT use your magic band for tapping into rides, use the hard ticket that will be mailed to you (at least I got hard tickets mailed for MNSSHP, came automatically without me asking, and separate from the magic band box) and get an RFID card like @AuntB_luvsDisney says to use like you would your magic band for the party FPP. Put your magic bands AWAY so you don’t forget. If you try to tap into a ride without having tapped into the park, your MDE account will be locked.

If your dummy accounts are linked as friends to your real accounts you should be able to use your RFID card to take PhotoPass just like you would if you were sharing PhotoPass with a real person. I am not sure that PhotoPass scanners or park purchases scanners share the same kind of info that ride taps do (i.e. that the camera scanner will “know” you didn’t tap into the park with that band, like the ride FPP taps would). I don’t think so but don’t have any real data one that, maybe someone else does.

In this case they will have already tapped in for park entry that day via a regular ticket to use their first 3 FP so it is unlikely an overnight sweep would lock their account. But not 100% unless you also tap into MK. If you have AP or park hoppers, you can enter MK via the regular line and get your party wristbands inside MK. I personally would also book a 4th/5th/6th FP in MK in addition to the party FP. Using the MB for photos poses no risk of account locking (I have done this multiple times). Using the RFID card is also acceptable, they will just not get the ride photos.

Yes. Good point. If they are already in Magic Kingdom, they can use their magic band just fine. I was thinking that the first three fast passes would be in a different park, then moving to Magic Kingdom for the party only and three more FPP.

Thank all! I was planning on doing Epcot in the morning, taking an afternoon break, and then heading to MK for the party. Maybe we should arrive between 4-5 for the party but scan in our magic bands as if we were just visiting MK for the last few hours as a normal guest.
Then whip out our party tickets to use those fastpasses and pretty much put our magic bands away unless we are on FP#4 or 5 leftover after our Epcot day?
What are RFID cards?

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Yes. This :heart:

RFID card are plastic credit card looking cards that link to your MDE profile like a magicband would to give you access to your tickets and FP if you are offsite, have no Magic band and prefer not to buy a Magic band, OR using a dummy profile for extra FP :rofl:

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