6 days to go!

6 days until we leave! I think I’m as prepared as a I can be, but I guess we’ll find out a week from today when we hit our first park day–HS. What was I thinking? Genie+ trial by fire :smiley: I am a little nervous, but it will be fine, right?

Park days are set, we have one ADR and will make the rest up as we go, I have a rough plan for the first couple of LL to get in the morning and a sort-of touring plan for the first couple hours of the day. I know what attractions are must-do, which we would like to do and which ones no one cares about. I have a note card for each park with the drop times and a few other things I am likely to forget. Our crew is 5 adults, my family and DS21’s gf, who we’ve met but haven’t really spent much time with, so I’m excited to get to know her. They know we won’t be sleeping in, they know we will probably just have to wait for some things, and they all say they’re excited to go. The weather looks pretty good–nice and warm, which is better than where I am now. The packing list is out and we’ve started packing what we don’t need this week.

If you made it this far, what am I forgetting?


Sounds like you’re pretty well prepared to me.


Can’t remember where but there have been some good posts lately about practicing Genie + in the days leading up to your trip so you can have more confidence/reduced frustration trying to navigate it all when you get there.
You seem ready! Have so much fun!


We will be there too! I totally get the nervousness, ha. Sounds like you have the right attitude!


Don’t forget to have fun! If you find yourself stressed about the many things that are out of your control, find something you can do that can change the trajectory of your day for the better. Vacations are meant to be exciting, if not always restful / relaxing. :wink:


I have decided that this is going to be our best trip yet! I am determined to enjoy the moment and have as much fun as we can doing what we can do.


This is our 12th trip, but Genie+ threw me for awhile. I have read and researched and played around with the app, so I think I’m ready. We do have 2 days at HS, so that takes some of the stress off.


We just got back from our trip, so I am jealous. You’ll have a great time.

The one important tip that I can give you about Genie+ is that the 7:17 AM drop saved my hide more than once. If you don’t get what you want at 7, don’t despair, you will likely be able to get it at 7:17. ALSO, try to use the “time.is” clock tip in the Genie thread for all attempts, even later in the day.

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