6 day passes: 2 day MK, 1 day everything else. What to do on Day 6?

What deserves the extra day?

Kids are older: 15. 13, 11, and 8. They LOVE big rides.

Go to UOR? That’s where the big rides live. :wink:

6 days, I’d honestly spend one day right in the middle of your trip as a “rest” day, enjoy your resort/hotel. Sleep in. Or if you just can’t do it, go to Typhoon Lagoon.

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I personally am a big Epcot fan (in case my name didn’t give it away), but they would probably appreciate DHS more with RRC and ToT. I also like the idea of doing a water park instead, along some of the fun non-park stuff, like mini golf, bowling at Splittsville, and resort hopping.

I almost always spend 2 - or at least 1 1/2 days at EP. If you have hoppers, consider RD at DHS so the kids can get in the rides, then hop to EP and spend the evening and dinner at WS.

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I don’t have Park Hopper but can I add them on the last day? That could work.

You can add PH at any time to a ticket - however, you pay the same amount regardless of how many days are left on your ticket.

I often like to leave the last day of my stay open to return to a park where I missed something I wanted to do or where I want to re-ride a favorite attraction. If I were you’d I’d make FPP and dining reservations somewhere, just to have something reserved, but would be prepared to return to whatever park the group seems to have enjoyed most.

If you’re visiting during a special event time in Epcot, like Food & Wine, Flower & Garden, or when Christmas activities are going on, then I’d lean toward spending an extra day there. If the kids like the faster rides in the Studios, then that could also be a good fit for a getaway day. You’ll also never run out of things to do in the Magic Kingdom and spacing things out over more days allows you to see things like the railroad, Tom Sawyer Island, Hall of President, and the riverboat without feeling rushed.

I realize I didn’t recommend any one park, but hopefully outlined some of the reasons I may choose one over another. Ultimately, each group has different interests, so the right answer will really depend on what your family seems to be enjoying most once you arrive.

We actually are there during Food and Wine Festival.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have totally booked this trip differently.

[quote=“ustasmom, post:9, topic:16392”]
We actually are there during Food and Wine Festival.[/quote]
Then I’d lean toward an extra day in Epcot to allow you to sample more of the food options (however, if you find the rest of the family isn’t too excited about sampling foreign foods on your first Epcot day, then you can’t go wrong choosing another park).

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What about a Water park? Don’t know when you are going but we tried out BB last oct and were surprised how much we liked it! My ds5 loved the slides!!!