6 adults, 2 kids- where to stay?

I think 3 studios may be our best bet as we have 3 families (my parents, my in laws, then our family of 4). Anybther option on property that I should consider?

Have you thought about a two bedroom if you’re staying at a DVC resort? Or does everyone want their own space?

When we had a 6 adult, 2 kids on a trip, we decided to stay in individual rooms at Pop. The # of adults to bathrooms was a primary concern. Cost and privacy were next in line. For how little time we actually spend in our room on a Disney vacation, we don’t mind staying value.

I had initially thought no because of having more separate sleep spaces. But it’s quite a bit cheaper than 3 studios.

Well value makes the most sense $ wise. But we got spoiled by AKL on our last trip. Soooooo…

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BLT and Kidani have 3 bathrooms in the 2 bedroom units which definitely helps with large groups.