6:55 CRT on MNSSHP day

Hi Everyone, say i scored a 6:55 at CRT on a MNSSHP day and don’t plan on buying an actual MNSSHP ticket. How do I get out of the park? Might I be able to walk SLOWLY out so as to see part of the parade? :slight_smile: Would I be able to buy merchandise as I’m leaving the park? Or do I get escorted right out or something?

I would love to go to MNSSHP, but with two kids under 4, they are about DONE at 8PM. It would be such a waste until they can stay up a little later.


Unless it has changed, a CM from CRT will personally escort you directly to the park exit as soon as you’re done with your meal/pay the tab (unless you have a party ticket of course). We had a CRT dinner 3 years ago that ended during the beginning of MVMCP on the night we were not attending, and we just thought it was funny how the CM was at our table ready to politely hustle us out of the park, lol.
Just a tip - do not be late for that reservation because - check in 10-15 minutes early if you can - from what I’ve read they start doing a big wristband (party ticket ones) check right at 7 and if you don’t have one, you’ll be directed to the exit.
Also - just double check this and keep an eye on your reservation because I thought I remembered reading here on the forum that reservations after a certain time on party nights will be canceled at some point, not sure if this would apply to 6:55 as it is technically before the party, just a heads up.

Double check your reservation. it’s my understanding that they specify a party ticket is required for any reservation after 6:30. Usually they won’t seat you that late without one.

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I just checked- tonight is a party night and the last ADR without a party ticket is 5:55. Look on the website at CRT and if you change it to your date the hours will appear.

Thanks guys. I’ll call again. I made this reservation on the phone specifically telling them that I didn’t want to get MNSSHP tickets. UGH. This will be the SECOND time I do this change. GRRR.

So I called, second person assured me I’ll be able to get in. Now I’m SO worried – this is for my daughters 5th birthday. I think what I’ll do is NOT tell her, confirm on the day, then surprise her. Gah! I hate having this hanging over me.

damn them! It stops at 5:55 on the site. calling back

Okay, so I called back and worked with a supervisor. They said the policy changed this week. Can book up to the time the ticket event starts. they know that the website is incorrect. They put a note on my reservation that said I spoke to them and that I’m allowed.

So, I might have just revealed a new thing!


Oh good I hope you don’t have any issues. But maybe still do that whole wait to tell her thing lol because Disney has a bad habit of changing their minds on a whim. Plus the dining folks, including the supervisors, work for a third party company, not Disney so just better to be safe than sorry.

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Oh good, glad you got it worked out!! I would check in a bit early so you’re already there and explain what you were told to the host(ess)!

Yes, this!

I agree! The rules changed the week the parties start? It was pretty clear that they implemented the new new in response to so many complaints last year. It would be strange for them to revert back to those rules this week.

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