57 days to go!

We are so excited, got all fastpasses booked, ADRs are nailed down, touring plans updated, autograph books bought, girls costumes bought and fitted, plans saved and downloaded to phone for offline viewing, room request fax ready to go, online check-in complete, everything is paid for and money saved for spending.

Of course the airline changed flight times a little (not in our favor) and completely separated the seating for my family of four, (nothing a quick call did not fix, thank you United).

The biggest disappointment is the increase in crowds during mid October went from low day of 2 and high day of 7 to low day of 3 and high day of 9, with all increasing 1 or 2 points. Such is life, and I am sure that all of the wonderful resources provided by all of the great people here will make it a moot point.

I believe all that’s left is waiting and packing.


How is the packing coming along?

As tempting as it is I have not started packing yet. I have however been rereading alot of blogs and posts to keep the itch at bay.

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I’m tempted to start too… we’re 20 days away!

Where did you get your Jack logo? I love it!

~ Imaginette ~

@imaginette How exciting we are still 44 days out now. Have a blast. The logo is a picture of one of the pumpkins I carved last year for halloween.

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very nice! I copied it for my husband, the REAL pumpkin king :smile:

You should have better temps in 44 days, so exciting! Are you going to MNSSHP? It’s the first night tonight, so I can’t WAIT to see the leaked maps, photos, treats, etc!!! so exciting!!

Any links, or tips, appreciated!

~ Imaginette~

Yes, I am “hot blooded” anyway so October should be a great time for us to go. We are going to MNSSHP on a Tuesday, DD7 & DD9 will have a busy day, BBB, CRT Lunch, and then the party (of course a long break in there). I am also excited to see what this year’s party looks like. If I see any news I’ll post it.

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