50th Trip Dates

Just curious for those of you celebrating the 50th, what are your trip dates? Crowd levels don’t seem to be too different between the week before or week after the 1st. Debating adding days, but can’t decide if I should arrive early or stay later.

I’m booked 9/30-10/4 right now.

But I may cancel. I had a park reservation that poofed and they won’t help me get it back. I’m diligently checking but am coming to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter enough to me to be there on that very day.

And it sounds like - although there will be some special things on that day, no doubt - there will be an unveiling of experiences and celebration “pieces” throughout the 18 months of celebrating


Nooooooo! Ugh. I’m so sorry. What a bummer.

I’m hearing more and more stories of CM’s not being as helpful as before or being a lot more stingy with the Pixie Dust than before. It’s sad, especially with how many people who have been affected by the pandemic in general.

I know there’s only so much they can do, but it doesn’t even feel like a lot of them are even trying. Maybe it’s because they aren’t back onsite yet and don’t have supervisors near by to help or better explain reasoning behind hard no’s.

Keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll up capacity a smidge by then and your PR magically pops back up.

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I spent several hours of my life and went up the chain of command right up to someone in the C-suite and got nowhere

I’m very salty about it. I’ll spare you the whole story.


Oh man that stinks! I’m really optimistic they will open capacity and reservations before then. Hopefully you can snag one then.

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Honestly based on the calendar, aside from Oct 1 and the dates around it, the crowds don’t look too bad at all, seeing as the weeks after also seem pretty mellow, thinking of a trip then now.


October 21-November 1. Was originally planned for November 5-15, but not a big fan of Christmas decorations & music on November 1st, as that is way too soon for my taste, plus that would be during Jersey Week, Food & Wine Marathon and Veteran’s Day/weekend.

I can tell you that two TA friends saw this same issue this week with their clients’ APRs. One guest’s entire week of APRs disappeared, and she’s going very soon

Screenshot, my friends, or print or something. They were able to restore some of the APRs but not all (HS specifically) :frowning:

That’s crazy! Disney needs to do better, especially if they are going to make us use this until 2023.


Booked Oct 24-31.

I’m still 50/50 on keeping it but we will have a while. I want shows, entertainment, fireworks, and evening hours before I can commit fully.

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I’m going 9/30-10/3 but just booked last week so didn’t get an APR for MK on 10/1. Figure I may be able to hop. Did Epcot instead.

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Took me a month, but finally was able to get park pass for 10/1 in MK yesterday!



9/29 to 10/7 is booked. We may push it to 10/9 but thats a small variable. Excited. Have MK on 10/1 and 10/2. BOOM!

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I have EPCOT right now for the first, but am switching it out w/ AK because we want to actually enjoy EPCOT and not battle crowds all day. :slight_smile:

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9/26-10/10. Just locked in the dates today. Have MK res for Oct 1. AP and staying off site so I REALLY hope we can get Park Reservations as needed. (Don’t care which park, since we can PH; but would like some option each day) I’m on my own the first few days, but it will have been 10 months since I went on vacation (WDW of course), so I was taking advantage of a full two weeks.


2 weeks sounds glorious!

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My wife and I did the same thing, I had MK on the 1st and then decided against it, now we have AK on 10/01.

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