50th birthday trip coming together

It’s my 60 day mark today, so that means it’s ADR day!!! I’m actually flying in the night before and staying at the MCO Hyatt then will book it to DME first thing in the morning and head to Riviera!

Yes, I was going to do Poly, but I am saving almost $1200 changing to a Riviera Studio - and that’s hard to beat! I’m still toying with changing to Gran Destino Tower, largely because I HATE sharing the Gondolas and I’m afraid they’re going to start that back soon…also I’m very Animal Kingdom-heavy park-wise, so GDT might make a little more sense.

I got (almost) everything I wanted ADR-wise, so that’s good.

As it stands now:

7/19 Epcot
Dinner at La Hacienda

7/20 Animal Kingdom (THE birthday!)
8am Capture You Moment photo shoot
I’ve got 2 dinner ADRs (at different enough times) while I make final decisions - Tiffins and Topolino’s

7/21 Magic Kingdom
Dinner at Skipper Canteen
I’m stalking a breakfast ADR for Chef Mickey’s

7/22 Resort/Springs
Lunch at Boathouse

7/23 Animal Kingdom
Dinner at Tiffins (will be dropped if I keep Tiffins on the 20th)

7/24 Animal Kingdom
Breakfast at Topolino’s

I was actually going to do Studios on the last day, but that is the only day I can fit Topolino’s breakfast into the schedule and that is at 7:35am, so I’d be well behind the crowd getting into Studios and would have limited time. I’m HOPING that Tusker House is open by then and if I can get a breakfast ADR on the 24th, I’ll drop Topolino’s. I love Animal Kingdom though, so it’s all good.


Looks like a 50th Birthday fit for a princess!

I’ve raved on about GDT since last month so I’ll spare you. But that would be my choice. Riv just doesn’t do a thing for me (aside from some of the artwork around the place).

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That actually would make things easier as it would free up one evening and would free up the morning of my departure day.

How were the busses working in the mornings…are they still picking up at Casitas first?

Heading out in the mornings the tower had its own buses. Picked all of us up and headed to park; no stopping at other stops! I thought it was great! The bus stop itself was a little bit of a cluster but I think that was related to the peak hour thing and people trying (failing but trying) to keep distance. I had no qualms about the rides in.

Coming back… eh, not my favorite, especially since GDT was last off, but not so bad that it negated all of the rest of the wonderfulness of that hotel.

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Thanks! I think I’m going to make the change.

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Great reservations!!!

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It sounds wonderful!

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Just waiting for my TA to make the change. I feel bad emailing her about it on the day that the Wish opened to all Platinum - but at least on the last release (for the other ships in Summer 2022) she told me she didn’t have that many clients booking DCL.

Change made! Request changed!

Slightly modified ADRs…

7/19 - La Hacienda de San Angel dinner
7/20 - Capture Your Moment Photo Session at Animal Kingdom first thing before I get all messy; Tiffins dinner
7/21 - Skipper Canteen dinner
7/22 - Boathouse lunch - hopefully hanging with friends that afternoon/evening
7/23 - dinner TBA
7/24 - breakfast or lunch TBA


Really consider getting something at Three Bridges, even if just a snack. And don’t miss Dahlia.

Heck maybe Toledo will re-open by then!! :crossed_fingers:

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Yep! I have the night of the 23rd open. And depending on how many people can do the hang out some of us have talked about, we might be able to do Three Bridges for that! Definitely plan to check out the lounge!!


Thanks for mentioning Capture Your Magic Moment. I just booked a session at AK on my birthday!


You’re welcome!! I had known about them at MK, but AK just started not too long ago.

Yup, and MK is booked up every single day so I was relieved to see AK available on my birthday.

Now I’m a little worried about when TH gets released but I’ll just have to do my best to make them both work.


TBH that is one of the main reasons I’m not sad about booking AK for 3 days. Plus it’s my favorite park!!

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