50s or sci fi

which would you pick: 6:45pm dinner at 50’s prime time or 7:25pm at Sci-Fi
Two children ages 7 and 5 and grandma will be joining us.

I have a soft spot for 50s. Sci-fi may be scary for littles if they don’t like the dark or Sci-fi related videos. I don’t think it’s anything too scary but that combined with the dark may be overwhelming.

Sci-Fi does have the odd seating of being in a “car” so you will stack up in rows. Therefore to talk to someone in front of you they’ll need to turn around or you’ll be talking to their back. Depending on your goals this may be a welcome relief from a need to make small talk or incredibly annoying if you were hoping to chat with Grandma for the duration of the meal. The movie snippets are all black and white '50s era B-Movie stuff - things like “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman”, etc. I’m pretty sure there is some “monster” footage in there but I don’t remember for sure what - maybe “The Creature from the Black Lagoon”? Or something similar.

both are very different. I don’t know if they will “get” 50’s as much as they will get Sci Fi. For that age - I may do Sci Fi - you get to eat in a CAR!!!

I think 50’s is fun if you “get it” but I do remember the food there used to be very good.

Sci Fi! We eat there every trip and my kids love it.

I have never done Sci-fi but I did do 50’s years ago. My kids are adults now with kid of there own. I do remember we got a big kick out of the 50’s Café because the theming and food reminded my wife and I about how we grew up. I Love Lucy on the TV in B/W. Formica tables. Common food like boiled chicken, mashed potatoes and pea’s. The waitresses acted like they were your mom and kept telling you to eat your pea’s or you got no desert. Youngest at 7 hated it. Oldest hide his pea’s in the chicken bones and got his dessert. Mom and Dad thought it was hilarious watching our kids go through what we went through as kids at the dinner table. If I was a kid I would not like that place.

We loved Sci-fi! My three kids (11, 8, and 6) enjoyed eating in the car and watching tv during lunch. My husband and I sat at the back of the car and loved being able to be with the kids without actually being at the same table. It was dark, quiet, and lovely.

Sci Fi. I think the food would likely be better at 50s, but I know my family wouldn’t enjoy it.

Personally I love Sci-Fi! The old scary movie reel is very funny. If you go to Sci-Fi I highly recommend the Turtle Cheesecake it is my favorite dessert at WDW! 50’s has a more hustle and bustle feel with funny wait staff and yummy fried chicken! Hope you have a great time whatever you choose!

For kids, definitely Sci-Fi. 50s PT is ok but probably appeals most to those who can reminisce back to that era. Eating in a car is far more exciting, and none of the film clips shown are scary (I’ve seen scarier stuff in My Little Pony).

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For us, we prefer Sci-Fi. The introvert in me cringes with the thought of the interactions at 50s :grimacing:

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Sci-Fi is a must do for us every trip. Last trip, my boys were 4, 7 and 10 and they all loved it. Eating in a car and watching bizarre movie clips was right up their alley. DH, DMIL and myself all enjoy it as well.

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Sci-Fi here too - my 9 and 7 year old at the time loved it. They thought eating in a car was funny and enjoyed the chill time to watch movies while they ate.

Sci Fi was amazing at the end of a busy park day. It was cool, dark and quiet - possibly the quietest place in all of WDW! Kids loved the cars and the movies and the quiet to zone out for a bit was just what the adults needed! Food was okay, not amazing.

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