50 Days and counting

We have 50 days until our Disney trip!!! I’m super excited! I have FP’s and ADR’s booked but I feel like I am forgetting something. Obviously there is still packing to do but I feel like I am forgetting something in regards to planning our trip. Anybody else ever get that feeling? Am I just being paranoid?


Yay, so exciting! I am almost at our 60-day/FP mark and can’t wait! And you’re not alone, lol. I always wondering what there is I need to do at every interval! Will you need autograph books? We like to order those before the trip. What about airport/hotel transport if you aren’t using MDE? Have you customized your magic bands?

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Grocery order for the room maybe?

No, you are not paranoid! I highly recommend subscribing to touringplans, and plotting your trip dates into the touringplans web site after you log in there. You will then get access to a great tool called your dashboard, which includes a checklist of what you need to do before your trip, and when. With this tool, you can be completely sure you didn’t forget anything! :wink:


Have you booked any recreation activities? Pirates and Pals Fireworks cruise or the like?