5 More Sleeps

Back in the day when it wasn’t as easy to get transportation to a Target or Walmart was the worse for packing. I never wanted to forget ANYTHING because of the up-charge for things at Disney. Forgot to pack your belt? We have one to sell you for $100 bucks. Nowadays, and especially now that Disney Springs is basically just an outdoor mall - I don’t worry nearly as much. I remember the year my ex forgot to pack his prescription sunglasses. Seems like we looked everywhere to find the ones that could clip on to his regular glasses (back when that was a thing.) We never did find any, and his poor eyes struggled against the Florida sun. Although I still try to be super careful not to forget anything, it doesn’t stress me nearly as much.

Yes! This!

Love it! Now I just need to figure how to get my DH to read this… :wink:

He thinks I overpack for everything. He’s probably right but it takes a lot for two little kids, so that big gallon zip lock of snacks is coming in the plane!

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Just give him That Look every time he starts a sentence with “Do you have a…?” until he realizes your true value to the family unit!

Eventually he’ll realize how much planning/packing you have to do to be able to say Yes to that question so frequently!

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