5 days with toddlers schedule

I’m trying to decide what parks I should go to. At first I was thinking magic kingdom twice, and Epcot, Hollywood studios and animal kingdom once each.

The more I think about it, I’m considering putting Epcot and Hollywood studios together so we can go to animal kingdom and magic kingdom twice each.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I’d keep the original plan. Are you planning on park hoppers, with plan #2 you’d have to buy them. Also, I don’t think Animal Kingdom is worth 2 days on a 5 day ticket, not with only giving Epcot 1/2 day. Is that because you want to go to Animal Kingdom more or that you think your child will enjoy it more? (Both are good answers!)

Thank you for the response. I was thinking the kids might enjoy animal kingdom more than Epcot. I personally would love to spend a day at Epcot though. Decisions decisions!

I think if you go to Animal Kingdom twice you will spend hours at the Boneyard playground with your toddler (which you may or may not particularly enjoy). My DD loves coloring the Duffy bears at all of the Kidcot stations around World Showcase. I would do what you prefer - the kids will find something they enjoy, they will love just watching the fountains at Epcot. It really doesn’t take much to entertain toddlers.

Thanks again! We will do that!

You’ll be arriving the day I’m leaving! Check out the flower and garden festival info for Epcot. There’s a butterfly garden, an imagination play garden that’s playground-ish, and lots of cool topiaries. That’s on top of the “regular” attractions. I think you can keep a toddler happy for the day in Epcot. I’m planning on 1.5 days with my (adventurous and tall) 3 yo and 5 yo.

Yes that sounds amazing, thanks!

I have a 1 & 3 year old. We could spend an entire day (we take afternoon breaks) in Fantasyland alone.

HS can be challenging to schedule with show times, so it needed more than a half day for us. My kids loved the shows, but not all do.

My suggestion is to put together some trial touring plans. See what attractions you think you’ll want to hit & how they fit into a typical day. Then go from there with your plans.