5 days which schedule would you pick - help

Ok we have decided NOT to park hop since we will be in the parks for 5 full days - 2 parents - 2 teenage boys - here is the choices

Dates - 4/23 - 4/27

Sat - ak - 7 crowd level * early magic hours
Sun - MK 5 cl
Mon - MGM 3 cl
Tues - Epcot 3 cl
Wed -MK 4 cl (evening magic hours) not sure if we would go late and stay late or go at rope drop till we had enough


Sat - MGM cl 7
Sun - MK cl 4
Mon - Epcot cl4
Tues MK cl 5
Wed ak cl4

Last year, I built a plan similar to the first set… but after doing it, our next trip is set up more like your second set.

First of all, although trying to find the “best” park order is fun (I do it every time), according to the TouringPlans gurus having a good TP is 5 times more important than choosing the “right” park on any given day.

That being said, I would consider:
Sat EP CL5
Sun MK CL5
Mon HS CL3
Tue MK CL5
Wed AK CL4

This has the same aggregate CL as your first plan (22), but it avoids going to AK on a CL7 day. However, if you are really sure that you would be at the turnstiles for mEMH RD at AK on Sat then I might go with your first plan, as the mEMH would mitigate the CL7 and gives you a CL3 day on Tues instead of CL5.

If you do go with your first plan, on Wed I would hit MK at RD, take a long afternoon break, then return to MK and take full advantage of the eEMH.

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The only reason I don’t want to do Epcot on Saturday is because we are flying in Friday night and land at 10:30p so won’t get to bed till late so I wanted a shorter day on Saturday so maybe we could hit the pool quickly after the park - grab a bite to eat at hotel unpack and get to bed on the early side

What did u not like about the 1st plan?

Is it better to be at animal kind on with a crowd level of 7 if we go for the early morning hour or MGM level of 7?

With you landing at 10:30 you will probably not be at your resort before midnight. Will you be able to get up and be at AK for the mEMH RD? If not, then I would not go there.

Yes, I think we will be excited and ready to go… We r more morning people than night

Staying at por French quarters - what time do u think we would need to catch the bus?

Check out the OLP Disney Transportation Wizard http://www.ourlaughingplace.com/aspx/twiz.aspx - it gives pretty good estimates for transportation times. Plan on getting to the park 30 minutes before RD - that way you have a little bit of wiggle room in case you are running late, but you are not sacrificing too much sleep after a long travel day.

“What did u not like about the 1st plan?”

Pure preference, for my family, we’ve found we prefer to avoid EMHs. I should mention that I definitely would want to end with MK like your first plan does, rather than AK.