5 days visit in May, which parks which days?

Hello there,

I am new to TouringPlan, as I am preparing my visit to WDW in May wih my sister. We are from France and we are Disneylannd Paris’ fans. This trip to WDW will probably be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so we really don’t want to waste it. We’d like to do evertything that is possible : thrill rides as well as calm ones, and most of all very well-themed attractions and environments. We do not plan on taking a lot of breaks, either to eat or just to calm down a little.

However, I have some issues planning which parks to visit which days :

  • First of all, I have troubling deciding wether I should choose an EMH park or the lowest crowd park for a given day. For example on May 19, should I choose Epcot for EMH or Hollywood Studios for lowest crowd ?
  • Also I visited some other websites which tend to not agree with touring plan on crowd calendars. Example on May 19, MK seems to be the obvious choice here, but is announced as very crowded elsewhere. What to believe ?
  • Last question : We know Disneyland Paris parks very very well, and it seems to us that MK in WDW is similar to MK in Paris. And for now, based on the videos we looked, we are really excited for Animal Kingdom. But the obvious choice when visiting WDW in 5 days seems to be 2 days in MK and 1 day to each of the 3 other parks. Do you still recommand this for us ?

In a more general way, what would be your suggestions about which park which day for a 5-full days trip to WDW from May 19 until May 23 ?

Thank you all for your help, this website and forum is a relief for us when trying to plan our visit.

Day 1 - Epcot
Day 2 - HS
Day 3 - MK
Day 4 - AK
Day 5 - MK

That’s how I would do it based on crowds.

MK is generally always our first park to do 2 days due to shear number of rides. Epcot is our second choice.

I know a lot of folks like to do MK on first day, but I would avoid MK on a weekend. And when crowds are higher, Epcot general has the most space to make it feel less crowded.

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Ok thank you. But are you sure of this ? Based on the crowd calendar it does not seem to be the right choice, am I missing something ?

I don’t use TP crowd calendars. We went in May last year and are planning the same week as yours for 2020. Our trip last year, we did park days Sunday-Friday. We did:

MK (no EMH)

This worked out very well for us. Sunday is a great day at MK. I’m having difficulty with preliminary plans for next year. If DAH is Thursday, then I refuse to got to MK that day as we like to close the park and HS needs to be the last day for SWGE. Any way, I would do this if you don’t care about DAH:

And no matter how many times I have gone to DW, 1 day is never enough in MK.

Do you have park hoppers? Where are you staying? I would keep MK & HS to a minimum and concentrate on AK & EP, as you don’t have those in Paris.

Nope. Nothing is certain. But the crowd calendar I most rely on puts MK as most busy on Sunday, as well as crowds in general. As such, I would still do Epcot first. Furthermore, Epcot, to us, still gives us that magical “we are at Disney!” moment as you approach Spaceship Earth.

Thank you very much for these advice, we will surely look into your suggestions !

Hi, we do not have park hopper and we will stay at all star music (it’s the most budget plan we could get, and we will be using shuttles to go to the parks).


Interesting. The crowd calendar I sometimes use has MK and Epcot as the best parks to go to on 5/19. I was a little concerned about MK on a Sunday when we went, but we had no issues with crowds and found a bunch of really good extra FPs. This is why I am throwing caution to the wind and just picking what days work best for us on our next trip. I’m going to focus more on having a very good flexible touring plan and grab what extra FPs I find.

OP, I think any way you do your park days will work as long as you have your priorities and do your research so you can be flexible.

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