5 Day ticket - 2days in which park

First timers, going in December and have 5 day ticket ( no park hopper). Have kids age 8 and 12 and would like to know which park is worth spending 2 days .

Magic Kingdom - no doubt.

1 - Animal Kingdom is one 1
2 - H Studios 1/2 day to 1 day
3 - Epcot - we love and spend time there a lot
4 - Magic Kingdom - the ORIGINAL - definitely two days.

However go to each park once and then on your last day - hit the park you want to again.


With kids, definitely 2 in MK and 1 at each of the others

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I think it’s a real shame that US guests don’t get park hopper included in their tickets as it gives you so many more options

I guess we UK guests pay extra though for our tickets in the first place

It’s not a US/UK thing; we have the option to get hoppers here too - but they are more expensive. The US Military Salute tickets come as park hoppers.

Its a shame - I remember when Hopper was just part of the ticket. You got a 1 day or a 2+ day that automatically had a hopper. I also remember the ticket “adventure” books as well

No we don’t! Our tickets are much better value, essentially they’re the park hopper plus water parks plus MM and cheaper per day than any sold in the US. It’s to encourage us over. The same reason we can get free dining with any package, unless you leave things really late and miss it. :grinning:

You really need 2 days at MK.

Going to disagree with majority here. My sons were 10 and 9 at our most recent visit, and we wound up spending only a 1/2 day there. They weren’t really all that thrilled with a lot of,the rides which are either tame roller coasters or slow rides watching Disney animatronics. I think you need to know your own kids.

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Magic Kingdom

mine are the same with Epcot - no one’s kids like Epcot - mine have always loved it

My kids are all about trilling rides like roller coasters so any suggestions?

Hollywood Studio has Rockin’ Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror - both good. Also has Star Tours which is cool - not a thrill - but cool
EPCOT - no real thrill rides with the exception of Soarin’ and Test Track
Animal Kingdom - Flights of Passage - and Mt Everest (although I think it is a bit lame)
Magic Kingdom - Space Mountain, Big Thunder and Splash Mountain

Disney has a few thrill rides in each park - so there is a concentrated area. To be honest if they want thrill rides - Universal Studios is the ticket.

However there are enough things WDW to keep their attention for sure!!

It’s too bad that the WDW deals aren’t like the Disneyland Paris deals where you can pick and choose which country’s discount you would like!

I am going to need to pick someone’s brain on DLP regarding the discounts - but that is a different thread

Umm, go to Universal instead?

Kind of agree. If you are into thrills - US is the place. I used to think US was 2nd tier compared to WDW. No more - US is awesome. Clean, fun, very well done