5 day park hopping

How do you guys break up/plan/attack 5 days in the park? I’m thinking 1 day in CA and 2 in Disney. Then 2 days to catch what we missed or want to do again. How would you split up Disneyland? I have smalls kids but one old enough and daring enough to ride everything.

If you have never been before, I would do 1 DCA and 1 DL and then decided how to break of the rest of your trip, based on your favorites.

Are you staying at the resort? If so and you are early risers, then I would go with the park that has early morning. When we do 5 days, we frequently will start at one park for the morning, go to DCA Redwood Creek Trail in afternoon or go to the pool and then pick the other one for the evening.

My child needs to be able to run around without having to wait in line, RCT can do for him, so we build it into our plan.

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I’m doing 4 days in March with my two boys, 9 and 5. I’ll be solo parenting. We are staying at Disneyland hotel. My plan is to go to the park that is early entry (we’re early risers) and check off rides at that park. We take a midday break, so back to hotel for rest, pool, etc. Then afternoon/evenings will be for more free form stuff – shows, Tom Sawyers Island, Redwood Adventure. I plan to be pretty focused in the morning and then open it up in the afternoon based on kid desires and energy level. I agree with doing each park once, and then figuring out what kids want after that.