4th Wish Class Ship confirmed for Japan

The OLC has announced they will be commissioning a wish class ship to own and operate. Launching in 2029. $ 2 billion USD investment in the project.

Of note, no where is DCL mentioned in any of the press releases. I would guess it operates mostly separately like the TDR resort.

Will be interesting too see how the ship changes for the market and the OLCs way of operating Disney experiences.


While I was in DisneySea I was told there is a ship port there that was originally intended for cruise ships to port there and have a day in DisneySea. However, due to the way customs works in Japan it was never used. I wonder if they’ll remedy that and add a customs there now?

And on the bright side TDR is immaculately clean and maintained so this will mean good things in those regards. Where they struggle compared to American Disney is in customization of food for allergies (it’s very very hard to eat there with Celiacs as my mother can attest. It’s literally the same option on almost every restaurant and there is usually one choice sometimes two). But TDR is also cheaper so that could go on the plus side. But ride vehicles are designed for smaller people (and this means shorter too) so not sure what that could mean on a ship that should be a clone size wise to the other Wish ships. But possibly they could make seats smaller or some such in theaters.


Oh please no! I felt squeezed in the seats in the theater as is! I felt they definitely prioritized fitting more seats in over the comfort of the seats and/or in lot of cases around the edge, even partially good views of the stage. Those edge obstructed seats are so bad.

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I am also interested in if this will be a DCL ship or not. We’re most likely going to want to try it regardless, but will be interesting to see how things like Castaway Cay (loyalty) status transfer.

I feel like I was decently comfortable on Magic. Dream the seats were awful. I didn’t have time for a movie in the 3 day wish. But the theaters were so cute.

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Oohhh I was meaning the Walt Disney Theater on the Wish.

We did try the movie theater on the Wish and it was more comfortable than the Walt Disney Theater, but it was also the first ship I’d stepped into the movie theater even so I can’t compare to the other two. :grimacing:

Ohhhh I didn’t remember the Walt Disney Theater being bad but we sat in one of the upper decks. I think those seats are never fantastic size/comfort wise.