4th of July Weekend

Our early June trip had to be moved to later in the summer and the only time that really works for us is over the 4th of July weekend. How crazy do you think the parks will be that weekend considering there’s (most likely) not going to be any firework shows?

I’m already planning on a no park/resort day for the actual 4th of July (Sunday), but I’m worried that the surrounding days will be just as packed.

My birthday is on July 3 and I have always lamented that I would never be at Disney World for my birthday because I simply don’t want to participate in the typical craziness that is Independence Day weekend. However this year there are still going to be capacity restrictions in place so while I expect it will be quite busy, it shouldn’t be as bad as the usual year. For my family, like yours, this happens to be one of only two weeks in the entire summer that we could rebook our trip to and so I am excited to have the opportunity to be there on my birthday and recognize that it might be the only time that I ever get to do this.

We have MK booked for 7/4 but are reserving the right to skip it and have a resort/pool day instead. Here’s hoping!


Park reservations seem to be going fast this summer. I would book your parks soon if you can.


Mine is the 5th so I completely understand! I’m excited you get the opportunity this year!

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Thanks! Gonna try to just stay flexible and make the best of it!

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