4th of July touring question

Hi all! We are excited to be going to the world for Fourth of July week. We do want to see the Fourth of July fireworks at MK & EP. I don’t think the schedules have come out yet, but I saw in the past MK does them on the 3rd and the 4th an EP does them on the 4th only. We are staying at AK Lodge and have a car if that matters and have hoppers.

Right now crowd levels on the third at MK are lower than the other parks so I guess we’ll just spend the day there but for EP I was thinking about starting at AK to take advantage of the current level 4 and hopping to EP - do I need to be worried about being refused entry at EP (or MK if we decide to rest or hop)? And in either case, if I do start my day somewhere else for MK or EP am I missing out on some other Fourth of July stuff that I’ll be sad I missed? I was also thinking about maybe doing a dessert party at either place to help with the crowds.

I think I read that the 3rd/4th show at MK doesn’t have castle projections like their usual show and it’s different enough that I might want to be sure I catch the regular fireworks on another night as well? Let me know what you think.


No. This only happened once, for a few hours in the afternoon, at MK on the day of WDW’s 50th anniversary, Oct 1, 2021.

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I was looking on the WDW calendar. It just lists “Epcot Forever” as the fireworks show on July 4th. Are there special fireworks for Independence Day at Epcot on July 4th?