4th of July MK Private Fireworks Cruise

My family is headed to Disney over the 4th of July and originally wanted to do the MK Fireworks Cruise from one of the resort marinas on the 4th. We called on our 60 day window and got multiple answers from Cast Members about it…saying it wasn’t available yet, that it wasn’t going to be available then at all, or that it was already booked.

We ended up landing on a standard fireworks cruise on 7/6, but we’ve been calling periodically to see if anything opened up on the 4th. Again, we are getting mixed feedback from CMs saying there isn’t anything or that it’s booked.

So…I’m curious to see if anyone else experienced this or maybe even booked one on July 4th, just so we have a bit more clarity than what the CMs are able to tell us!

You may want to ask on Chat as well.
That’s interesting You’ve had various answers from CMs.

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Right?! Super strange to me too.