4th of July Fireworks

I need suggestions for where to view fireworks with my family of 4 and what time we should be there. We aren’t doing any dessert parties.
Hollywood Studios- Star Wars Galactic Spectacular
Magic Kingdom- July 3rd
Epcot- July 4th

Thanks so much!

Star Wars you want to be between the two projectors if possible. If I do not go to the dessert party I actually walk over from the 50s side and try to get a spot past the tables at Min &Bill’s. You need to be able to see lasers and projections on the buildings.

MK- those fireworks are amazing! The Wishes crew chief said “ the best fireworks” they do. They are 360 around the hub. If possible- squeeze in!

EP I always pay attention to which way the wind is blowing! The smoke will blow that way!