4th of July Fireworks 2023

When do the fireworks schedules typically get posted?

Any tips for the 4th? We’ll be there 1st - 5th but parks 2nd - 4th.


3rd - do MK (they show the same show then as the 4th)
4th - do EP

Plan to have ressie for reach of those parks as the potential does exist to be locked out of hopping.

Fireworks at that time of year generally happen between 9-10-pm

Mostly, all schedules start firming up about 30 days out IIRC


@OBNurseNH’s advice seems like it’s specific for Walt Disney World, but does actually work perfectly for the Disneyland. Just substitute Epcot for DCA. Definitely agree that seeing the 4th fireworks on the 3rd is a much better plan and Disneyland does the same thing running the 4th fireworks both nights. Disneyland still requires you to have reservations BUT the hopping time is much earlier (11am) so as long as you have park hoppers your starting park won’t dictate which nighttime show is better to see & Disneyland hasn’t reached capacity on the 4th in any recent year (or ever that I know of).

As for when the entertainment schedule gets solidified. Thirty days-ish roughly applies to Disneyland as well, but it could be as short notice as 2 weeks with Disneyland’s more laid back scheduling vibe. Disneyland’s fireworks are pretty reliably scheduled at 9:30. Sometimes they can be 9 or 9:15 but I haven’t seen that for a long, long while.

And just know that in Anaheim the winds at higher elevation do cause them to cancel or cut short the fireworks on a regular basis. So they’ve moved to doing projections focused shows so that they can still run the music, lasers & projections & have a show that isn’t just fireworks.


Damn headings again :woman_facepalming:t3:

9/10 times sorting by Latest works better for me than sorting by Category.

Then every now and again one of these comes along

Thanks for correcting my park error, and for validating that it’s otherwise relatively sound advice.


I usually sort by Latest first too BUT because I am SO DLR heavy on my knowledge and could talk Disney all day, everyday & can contribute the most there, I check the DL category specifically first & make sure to read & respond there. Then look everywhere else going by Latest.

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