4th of July fireworks 2018

I arrive for my solo trip on July 4th. My current plan is to spend the day at AK then head to MK for the fireworks. But all this talk about insane crowds has me nervous! Will I even be able to get to MK? Is it worth it to see the fireworks? I have the After dessert party booked. But now I am questioning if I should just book a meal in MK area and watch from the Poly beach or something. I don’t care about doing any ride at MK that day at all. I just thought it would be pretty special to see the fireworks as I likely won’t be there on July 4th again. If anyone has experience with this, please share!

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Personally I would never plan to be in MK on the 4th. It looks from videos I’ve seen in the past to be a claustrophobic nightmare bordering on unsafe.

I think a meal in the MK resort area sounds way more enjoyable if you can get one.


I will tell you what the Wishes Crew Chief told me one night when we were talking about the fireworks one night in Trader Sam’s. This was before HEA, but they had it all ready to go and had been practicing for months. He said the best fireworks were the 4th of July and they should always be viewed in the hub (360 firework show). I saw them once from the dessert party- do not miss them!


Thank you for this! I just keep reading/hearing how miserably crowded it is. While I certainly don’t enjoy being packed in like a sardine, I feel like this is something special to do especially since I’ll be alone.

Any advice on how long to allow to get from AK to MK that night?

Disney buses? I would allow 90 minutes, but I always make sure I have plenty of time.

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Yes Disney busses. Thanks for help with the timeline!

You likely won’t get near the Poly beach that day. They will be checking magic bands for resort guests or ADR reservations, as they do on NYE and apparently Memorial Day too (according to a recent report I read).

I agree with the others. If you’re going to be at MK, watch from there.

However, you might want to have a back-up plan in case you,can’t handle the crowds. The best place to watch, obviously without the view of the projections, is on the beach by the TTC ferry dock.

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You have the dessert party booked?

Yes I do.

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You may have a challenge walking to the area but you will be protected from the crowds during the show and after so I think it is a great plan.

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New plan since I can’t use my FOP FPP anyway. I’m going to tour Epcot that day, then I can monorail over to MK. Not a super efficient way to travel, but at least I am not limited by traffic on the roadways!

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