4th FPP?

What is the latest info on making a 4th fpp for a different park? We plan on using our 3 fpp mid morning at MK on a "3" day. Then heading for a break at onsite hotel. Then taking a rest. Ok, can I get on my computer at hotel and make the 4th fpp? or do I still have to go to the 2nd park (Epcot in this case-- a "4" day) to do so? Haven't been to Disney since June, so I need some updated info. Trip begins Sept 29. Thank you.

@42_Wallaby_Way- I'm glad you asked that b/c recently saw on chat someone saying may have now changed to being able to book 4th with concierge? But haven't seen anything more about this, whether an actuality.

So I'm curious myself to see if anymore info on this.

the 4th FPP can only be done after your original three are used. But so far, it can only be done at the parks, not on the website or app

edit: So you can use up your 3 at one park and then hop over to your next park, hit a kiosk, and see availability for FPP's at that park.

in some special cases, guest services have been able to give guests an extra FP, but as far as I know, this is not a normal request that they can fill.