4th FP Question

Our first trip to WDW with new FPP program…

I have a good understanding of how it works at MK…3 FPPs booked, can’t book a 4th until all 3 are used.

What about the tiered parks? For example…we’re hoping to do both RNR and TS at HS. This is a very quick trip and we have very limited time in the parks. We’ve got a FPP booked for RNR because the wait times appear shorter for TS. I’ve not booked FPPs for any of the Tier B attractions. As soon as we use the RNR FPP, can we try for one for TS? What if I had booked FPPs for two Tier B attractions as well? Do we have to wait until all 3 have been used to book a 4th for TS?


In a tiered park, you have to have used, or let lapsed, two tier 2 fps before booking a second tier 1 fp in the same park.

So in your case, you would need to book those tier 2 fps first. You could book them and let them lapse if you want.

If you’re park hopping there are different rules.

Can you please share what the park hopping rules are? We are going in December for our first trip and have the free dining, so we had to get park hoppers. I am interested in hopping, but not familiar with the various rules.

Thank you for the quick reply. Just to be clear…

If I book just the one Tier 1 FPP, once it has been used and I’m back to no FPPs booked, you’re saying I need to book and/or use 2 Tier 2 FPPs before I can add a new Tier 1 FPP? That seems strange…

You can book up to 3 FPs in advance, in one park.
After that you can book a 4th FP in another park, then a 5th and so on.

However if you hop to another park, the tier rules don’t apply. You can hop to DHS and book a tier 1 fp, if there are any left.

This also applies if you don’t use all 3 advance FPs in your first park.

Say you only book Test Track at Epcot. As soon as you tap in for TT, you can go onto MDE and book TSMM at DHS.

Or you might book Test Track and Mission Space at Epcot. As soon as you tap in for the first of those you can book TSMM.

In other words, if you don’t book all 3 advance FPs, you can book the remainder of your “advance” allocation at another park as soon as you tap in for the first.

To do this you need to use the “Add a fastpass” feature, NOT “modify”. Chose your new park. You will get a warning about tier 1 FPs, which you ignore. Keep scrolling down and you’ll see the available options. A lot of people see the warning and stop.

In theory you could book FoP in advance. Tap in, then go online and book Soarin. Tap in there and go online and book TSMM. All subject to availability of course!

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That is correct. You cannot book another tier 1 in the same park until two tier 2 FPs are used or expired. TSMM line at rope drop is very manageable with the three tracks.

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The tiers were introduced to give more people a chance to ride the really popular rides (or attractions). By insisting you do a couple of the lesser rides before booking another of the big ticket attractions, it creates more availability for others.

The park-hopping rules may seem to allow you to by-pass those rules, but the time taken to get to another park effectively takes up the time of a fastpass window, more or less (Epcot to DHS - maybe a bit less but not that much given security etc).

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If you’re going to let the tier 2s expire rather than use them, they must be booked before the tier 1. If you have the tier 1 first and then let tier 2s expire, you still won’t be able to book another tier 1 (in the same park)

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Thank you! That helps a lot!