4th FP+ at a different park

In the morning for one of our days, My boys and I will be using 3 FP+ by noon. My wife and daughters will only be using 1 or 2 (they have a BBB appt.). We have pland to go to another park after BBB and I wanted to book our 4th FP+ as soon as me and the boys finished.

Can this be done if my wife and daughters don’t use a 3rd?
Do I need to create one they won’t use and just let it expire? Does that even count, or do they have to actually tap in?

Yes. If you park hop, everyone can book one FP at any time from any tier in the second park. If wife and daughter have a 3rd reserved, they will need to cancel it before booking from the second park.

If your wife and daughters aren’t going to use their third FP for sure, then cancel them. They can make their third as soon as they’re in line for the first FP at MK - although they may want to wait since you won’t be able to!

If you’re not sure then hang onto it for now. If you cancel in park there is sometimes an issue with it not dropping off. So instead, go into ADD FP+ , select the new park and see what’s there. Then you can just book it and it’ll cancel their remaining one at MK.