4th Fastpass, Can you repeat an attraction?

After using the first 3 fastpasses
When I book the fourth, can I repeat one of the rides that I just experience during the fist 3 fastpasses ?

Yes, you can.

There was a report yesterday that once you scan your 3rd FP you can immediately open the app and book another (even before you load) for any attraction, including the one you are loading.


One more thing had occurred to me.

We will now be able to book just one fastpass. (Not forced to book 3)
Theoretically could I book 1 fastpass for Splash Mountain. Ride on it. then immediately book a second ride.
Ride on it. Book a third ride etcetera.

Maybe it is too soon. Someone should try it and let us know.

If available. Get fP for as early as possible as they run out fast!!!

I don’t think that that would be possible, but you never know. :slight_smile: