4th Fast Pass - Park Hopper?

OK, question for the FPP’ers out there… So I know that once we use the first 3 FPP we have to go to a kiosk to get the 4th. If we get a FP for later that night and then decide to go to a different park, can we use MDE to change that 4th (or 5th or 6th) FP to one in in a different park?

I’m seeing a few days where we may start out in Epcot, but then wind up at MK for the later hours…

I don’t have personal experience, but other Liners have said you have to be at a kiosk in the park where you want to use the FPP’s. Didn’t think you can make the extra FPP’s on MDE at all.

I meant if I went to the kiosk and signed up for a 4th FP, could I switch it via the app to another park for later that night?

Or would I have to go to a kiosk in the new park to change it?

Not yet sadly. You can’t get a 4th in Park A and switch it for an attraction in Park B. That would be awesome though!

“Not yet” makes me curious. Are there rumors about this changing at some point?

Yes. Rumors. We’ll see. Hoping for much more from MDE.

Just to make sure I understand, can I make extra FPP in a different park (at the kiosk) than the one I used the first 3 in? I.e. use my 3 FPP in Epcot, then move to HS and get another at the kiosk there

Yes use your first 3 pre booked fpp in Park 1 then hop to Park 2 go to kiosk in Park 2 and book 1 fpp from what is remaining for Park 2 use fpp and repeat if anything left.