4th Fast Pass in Touring Plan

When creating your Plan for the day, do you factor in ‘possible’ 4th and 5th Fast Passes for late afternoon and evening? Or do you just plan for the normal wait time knowing that if you get a late day Fast Pass that just frees up more time for something else?


I just plan for normal wait times in my TP, because if I planned for a specific fp I would drive myself crazy trying to get it instead of enjoying whats actually available.

I often put a 4th in, with notes to say what we will do if we don’t get it.

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I don’t plan for a 4th FP. It’s just a bonus that free up more time if I get it.

I put an hour break in our plan shortly after lunch called extra fastpasses. We are going to use whatever fastpasses we can get in MK near Fantasyland for the hour.

At MK, I put a 4th and maybe even 5th in knowing ill get something. Even if it is not the exact, it helps me plan, knowing something is usually there I can use.

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