4pm HDDR back to POFQ

What are our option for returning to POFQ after the 4pm HDDR dinner show?

I’ve read that there are buses back to the resort waiting, ONLY after the later shows. Is this true?

You can 1. Take the boat back to MK then take the bus to POFQ, correct?
2. Are there taxis waiting? But are the waiting at the front end? Do you need to take the internal bus to the front of the resort to get a taxi?

What if I’m with DS5, would they have boosters available for taxis?

Yes, taxis are at the Outpost(front) of Ft Wilderness, so you’ll take the internal bus. Booster unlikely, unless you pre order one, but I don’t think they are required for 5 yr olds.

Boat to MK has the added benefit, that you can step in for one more attraction before busing back to POFQ.

Also, you can internal bus to outpost, then bus the DTD, then boat to POFQ.

I have seen the buses at all 3 shows before and others have reported that. I don’t know if that is for certain times of the year but we have used them for the early shows.