$463 for stuff that used to be free!

Because Disney no longer offers free transport to/from MCO airport, I spent $185 instead.
Because Disney no longer offers free “fast pass”, I paid $278. Did I have to buy this? No, but it sure made my touring more enjoyable. But that same enjoyment used to be free!

If I had brought a car, I would have paid $225 to park my car the resort. Which is a reason I did not do that.

All the while, of course, ticket, resort, food and merch prices have all gone up. Way up.

Yes, I’ve posted a bunch of complaints lately because Disney is giving me a lot of reasons to do so. I really used to LOVE a Disney World vacation because of how special it seemed. Now it just seems like a money-grabbing tourist trap. :frowning:


I tend to agree with you…to a point. On the other hand, Disney also can no longer just allow everyone who wants to come to come. They have to restrict people more than ever…so while, yes, they are raking in more money…they are also doing so to ensure the crowds are not so unbearable for those who DO come that no one has a good time any longer.

Supply and demand in action. Disney has a limited resource, but super high demand, allowing them to charge more to take advantage of demand. If there comes a time when demand drops, Disney will respond by offering discounts and keeping prices steady. So far that hasn’t happened.


Make sure you share all of this with Disney themselves. We’re all just fans that can’t actually do anything about it no matter how many complaints you lodge here. We can just commiserate.


Not sure that would help. With the number of people that were there last week, and how quickly ILLs and LLs sell out, I don’t think Disney cares about a few people that don’t like their new pay-to-play model.

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Only one way to find out.

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Good companies listen to feedback from their customers. If it’s not a lot of effort, I assume the best that they want it and provide it. A simple way to try and help towards a better future product.

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It is a money grab, and people like my family aren’t making it any better. We’ve been moving our trip for two figment years now and have had a lot of time to save. In that time, the kids have gotten older and aren’t as “Disney” as me and DW are. They flat out told us they would rather go to Hawaii. We’re not going back anytime in the conceivable future, if ever. So, for this trip we are loading up: Genie+, memory maker, lightsabers, droids. If Disney offered gold plated, heated toilet seats, I’d ask if it sings “Zippity Do Da.” So, not helping.


I no longer think Disney is trying to lower crowds. Why would they? I really don’t understand this philosophy. They are making tons of money and it really doesn’t seem like they care about pleasing repeat visitors. Because many of them are coming back anyway.

I get supply and demand. Increase prices as demand goes up. But I think in this situation, it’s to make more money, not lower crowds.

Yup. I’m just as guilty. Stayed at Beach Club, which is stupid expensive, and they never offered a room/package discount for Jan/Feb 2022 like they normally do for those months.
Did the droid & light saber built.
Did Space 220. $400 for 3 people! (Includes drinks and tip).

I added it all up, the three of us spent $2254 on food and $528 on merch.
That’s on top of the cost of the room & park tickets, of course!

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I completely get it. I’ve cancelled all my Disney trips for all the reasons you’ve mentioned and more.

Your story is pretty typical of all the trip reports I’m seeing and hearing on podcasts. I can’t justify paying that much more and getting less than before COVID. I’m still reading & listening to Disney blogs/podcasts, but my “need” to go to WDW is on hold & I’m fine with it.


but did you email your complaints to them???

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Yes. I did