45 min wait for the FIRST attraction in my Touring Plan?

We’re travel January 8-12 and I’m making final adjustments to Touring Plans and getting FastPasses.

On two of our days, there are 30-45 min waits (for Tower of Terror and Avatar) for our very first rides. How could that many people get in front of us that fast?

Anyone have an explanation?


Lori and 4 kids

If you are not at AK at least 60-90 minutes before rope drop the wait for FoP could be hours…


Wow, thanks, I’ve got teenagers, so I’ll send them ahead to save a place in line.

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When I went to AK at the end of October, I was in line at 7:40 for a 9am official opening time. They started letting us into Pandora at 8:14 and I was off FOP by 9:04 (at which time, the line for FOP was already very, very long). If they allow people into the park early during your trip, sending some of your party ahead to save a place in line may not work.

Even though it may seem like nothing much, sending people ahead to “save a place in line” is not something that, from what I understand, allowed. It is not fair to other guests who already are in line. Yes, I’ve been at an attraction and seen it happen, however, that doesn’t make it right. The whole group should go at the same time.


I rode FoP twice my last trip. The second time I took Uber at 7:00 and was about 10 back at the gatefold course the people running, pushing meant we were about 100 back at the bridge. A group of older woman (I am 56 so I can use that term) in matching shirts pushed their way in front of us. They were laughing how they had just pushed past thousands of people. They arrived at the park about 10 minutes before (I had been waiting over 90 minutes). I made sure they were behind me. They thought they were geniuses. I thought they were rude- it did not impact my morning, I refuse to be upset about other people’s selfishness but I remember it. I am rather surprised no one caused a scene.


Just echoing the others above that saving spots in line is not the best idea. :slightly_smiling_face: That said, while that estimate may be accurate for FOP, I would be really surprised if Tower of Terror has such a long wait first thing unless it is a very crowded day.

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Not only is saving spots in line not the best idea, it’s technically not allowed and you could be ejected from the park. Your entire party should enter the line together and wait together.

We went to AK twice during our trip and rode FoP with FP. Once you actually enter the line, it is all twisty & turning and not easy to see far in front of you. Even in the FastPass line, I stopped once to take a photo and the other 2 in my party got a good bit ahead of me. I would not count on sending anyone ahead - your pace should be with whoever is slowest so that your group doesn’t get separated.

Try to read both of these posts - lots of good info in them about FoP lines!

On this one, scroll down a bit for the Animal Kingdom part - excellent feedback on the line to get to Pandora at rope drop!

I questioned the data as well before our recent trip so I emailed them. Brian emailed me back and said with my customized plan, the system was banking on me getting to AK well before rope drop. If something isn’t making sense, you can definitely email them for clarification on what the system is doing with your plan and if it is accurate. Also everyone here has been so incredibly helpful and the info on the forum made our trip so much smoother so asking questions here and knowing what other people experienced is super smart of you.

I officially apologize to the world for suggesting my kids would save a place in line - didn’t realize it was forbidden. :slight_smile:

Travelstovegas, thanks very much for the links! Hopefully, since we’re there in Jan it won’t be that bad, but we’ll get to RD for FOP one hour in advance and see what happens.


Loriraff. I was just in AK on 11/28/2017. TP marked the crowd level as a 3-4. Let me just give you a recount of what happened.

I left my hotel at 8:00, arrived at park entrance at 8:20 for a 9AM park open day. We were allowed in. I was with my senior parents so we walked in a relaxed pace. I was a bit worried as I saw a lot of people in front of me already. My father worried a bit about his back, so he decided not to go on. My mother and I started to get on the wait line quite far from the marked entrance for FoP about 8:40 I think. The CM had to stop the road once in a while to allow people across pathway from one wait lane to the following wait lane. I asked the CM, and was told that it would be about one hour wait. So I expected that. However the line moved quite fast. We kept on moving in twisted lanes. We stopped in a few places to take photos. We were off the ride at about 9:15. In the meantime, my father rode NR 2 times as he was wondering around and CM just encouraged him. My mother and I loved the ride.
After I got off FoP, I thought my FP for NR was at 9:15 so we tried and were blocked. I did not realized that I changed it to 9:50 because I was worried that I could not finish FoP in time. So I had to wait around for a little bit. I tried to mobile order kid’s meal in Satu’li Canteen without realize that they wont open until 10:00. I was able to watch the drum ceremony and it was fun. Then I entered NR a bit earlier at 9:45 using FP. When we were off NR, then I booked the kid’s meal. I just wanted to try the bun as one of my close family friend is running a business making processed food. Then we walked out of the area. We were on Dinosaur at about 10:50.
We went back to visit the area near night time – after sunset before River of Light show. It was still crowded and marked at longer than 60 mins wait.

I hope this helps you a little bit.