44 minute wait FOP w/ FP?

Just did “evaluate” TP for AK on 2/1. CL = 3. Why is it telling me a 44 minute wait for FOP at 9:50am with a FP window of 930-1030??

Is it using your Fast Pass? Sometimes it doesn’t use the FP, but I can’t imagine that this is the case with FOP. We did wait for a bit to get on the ride and the walk up to the ride took a little while as well. Still, 44 minutes is longer than I would have imagined with a fast pass.

it seems to be…2 days ago it was like 10 minute. wait

I had the same thing happen to me, a 10 m minute FP wait went up to 40+. I asked the same question and most people said their FP wait was 15-20 minutes, some less, one more but the ride was offline a few times that day. I had a rider switch enabled with ours and removed it hoping the 40 minute wait will account for both of us riding.

Someone on chat yesterday reported a 40 min wait with a FP, and others said they had waited that long too. I’m not sure what the crowd level was though.

Hmmm… ok, guess I’ll just wait and see. Having some day-before -we-leave trip planner. anxiety. But it’s all good :blush: because. we’ll be in Disney tomorrow


For questions like this e-mail webmaster@touringplans.com, explaining what is going on and giving them the plan URL. They are pretty quick about looking into these things and fixing them if it is a technical glitch.

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Thank you. I emailed and awaiting reply.

On Jan 26th I had a FOP Fastpass at 5:35 PM for 9 people. My TP estimated a 48 minute wait time even with the FP. In reality it did take 35-40 minute from the time we entered the ride until we exited the ride. About 25 minutes of that time was waiting in line once we were already inside and the remainder was for the pre-show activities (linking to an Avatar) and actually riding to ride. The 44 minutes in your plan looks reasonable to me based on my experience.

Ugh! Did a search on this since my 30 minutes FP wait for FOP just spiked to 48 minutes when I evaluated. Was hoping that was wildly unreasonable…

I have shuffled the time in our plan from the start of the FP window to the middle to the end - same time now for each though. :frowning:

I would not be too alarmed with the change. This ride is so much in demand that a wait this long is not unusual even with a FP. With Disney slowing rides down and reducing staff when actual crowds are low, the wait times have become unduly long compared to past historical wait times. TP is trying to adjust crowd levels so your TPs match current reality. It is hard to predict what Disney’s actions will do going forward.

After seeing this post, I evaluated my TP for my May date–no change in CL for that day, but my FOP FP time increased from 28 to 42 minutes and my Navi wait increased from 48 to 71. Interesting.

Ick. Saw this too while doing some plan shuffling for a trip end of April. 42 minute wait with a FastPass, ouch! Good for a plan to reflect reality, hope reality turns out to be a bit better.