4 Year old Birthday Plans

What are some awesome things to do the day of my daughter’s birthday in Disney? I have BBB scheduled in the morning and dinner at Akershus. I have Afternoon Tea at Garden View planned as of now but I thought there were princesses there but I guess there aren’t. I don’t want to take time out of the Park to go to Tea if there aren’t Princesses. Im flexible with what parks we go to for the day. I just want her birthday to feel extra special. Thank you!

My DD went to the Wonderland Tea Party at the GF in 2014 when she was nine. The Mad Hatter and Alice hosted the event. I think it was about 2 hours and they did a craft and decorated cupcakes. There was a cute “surprise” at the end for the parents. We went during the middle of the day so it was a nice break. The husband and I explored the GF and just had a little down time. DD is a princess fanatic and loved it…and it was only 40$ at the time!

From what you describe above - I think you have “extra special” covered

1 - in Disney - that in and of itself is awesome
2 - BBB - my daughter loved it and that in and of itself is awesome
3 - Akershus - pretty awesome
4 - Afternoon Tea - pretty awesome

If anything I may suggest REMOVING something. When my kids were 4 they loved just “being” and enjoying. I think if you even took something away her birthday would be awesome. She is 4 and I would assume all the traveling (BBB to Epcot to GF) is a lot. Especially for a 4 year old. I may just CHILL a bit and spread some of it over a few days to EXTEND her birthday. IMHO

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I’d get her a birthday pin to wear all day. It may not get her anything except lots of extra birthday greetings/attention from CMs, but that would feel mighty special to a 4-year-old!

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that would make this 46 year old feel special too

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There is a tea party with princesses. It is called Perfectly Princess Tea Party. It is only offered on select days - and it is rather pricey

Yea the tea party with princesses is insane. Like $300 or something crazy. Get her a birthday pin when you check in and let her wear it the whole time you’re on your trip. All of the cast member’s and lots of the other guests will wish her Happy Birthday. Schedule some princess M&G’s fp’s for that day, I don’t think you can really go wrong.

I agree with the suggestion to not try to schedule more. You’ve already got so much special that she’ll probably need some down-time. My 4 year old daughter was in heaven just meeting princesses. We also rode barnstormer 4 times that morning because she loved it (her 1st rollercoaster ever)!

I just took my four year old birthday girl yesterday to MK. It was her first visit so we didn’t plan any extras, although I’m sure she’d love all you have planned. I just wanted to second getting her the free birthday button. My daughter wore hers all day yesterday and was thrilled with how many cast members told her happy birthday. That alone made her feel extra special :smiley:

You could do a Disney Florist package :slight_smile: They are a little pricey but I did the Halloween one for my kids and loved it :slight_smile: You could do a special fireworks cruise. Or just do the Family Magic Tour (my kids loved it but my youngest was 6) I would say BBB definitely! You can also do a photo shoot behind it :slight_smile: My girls had fun with it :slight_smile: I think the BBB and dinner would be the best for her age, but that’s me! Unless you want to decorate the room :slight_smile: