4 Parks 1 Day with a Car

Hi all. Since we will have hoppers for the first time next trip I thought it might be fun to do 4 parks on our last day. I was thinking of getting to MK early and parking or perhaps paying for valet at the Contemporary since I want to end at MK. Not sure if we will go to MK first or take a bus elsewhere. AK and HS are only open until 5/7 I believe as it will be Feb.

So, what would be a good order and modes of transportation for this situation? We are staying offsite so no EMH for us.

I think I would wait until I knew park hours.

We did 4 parks in one day last week, and actually went to epcot twice AND had time for a 3 hour break during the day. We didn’t plan on doing this ahead of time so it was a little hectic, but our plan went like this:
Drove to Epcot for RD until 9:30, then drove to AK to ride EE and check out planet watch, left around noon for a break. Drove to HS at 3:30 for TSMM FPP and ToT, then drove and parked at TTC, took monorail to Epcot for dinner, then monorail back to MK around 7 until it closed at 11. Bus back to TTC was fastest transportation that night (waited maybe 5 min).
I didn’t feel like we rushed things at all, but this was our very last day and we were just re-riding our favorites. We did 2 rides at Epcot, AK, and HS, and only Splash at MK but watched fireworks and wandered around. Since you only have to pay for parking once it didn’t cost any more, and was WAY faster than relying on Disney transportation.