4 parks 1 day - Ultimate hopping adventure

Has anyone figured out or found a Specific plan for touring All 4 parks in 1 day? I’m a planner, so I would like to have an actual guide to complete. Been to the parks Many Many times, but looking to complete this ultimate adventure on an All Adult trip (all in party are veterans to WDW). I believe we can skip out Fantasmic on the Saturday, since we will see it on the Friday eve. What do you guys have?

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I wouldn’t do 4 parks in one day, but if I was then I’d start at the park with EMH, preferably AK, then onto HS, where I would use my FPP, boat to EP for the afternoon and MK in the evening. If we were staying at one of the EP resorts then maybe MK second, but would depend on which park was open the latest. I’d use your FPP in the second park and then repeatedly check your app for the next FPP. If you are not bothered about rides you could choose a theme for the day.

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Shannon from the WDW prep podcast featured someone who did this challenge a while back. It might be worth a listen for you. I think she focused on maybe 2-3 attractions per park. One headliner and then left for the next park. I think they just grabbed whatever same day fastpasses were available. It seems like that would be an impossible thing to plan in advance.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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We have done four parks in one day as a family with our two teens. They both love doing this. I select the day - which is one with the most park hours. And we like to end at MK, so the day with EMH for MK is the one we picked.

We come up with a list of must dos for each park for the day. Then we add as we want! And, we include acceptable substitutes.

A few weeks ago we did the 7am opening of HS. We were done with that park before it opened at 8am. Then we went to AK, missed opening (park opened at 9) but we made it to the tapstiles a few minutes after nine. AK was our FPP park. We then got FPP at Epcot and then for MK after we rode a few things at Epcot.

It is a great day - just tons of walking. We took a rest day the day after - our feet needed it!

And our list for each park:
1 ride
1 character meet (or 1 ride)
1 photo
1 pin trade
1 food item

I think we did two rides each park though. Again, we could add, the list was just the minimum.


We did 4 parks in 1 day this past March. So much fun!! We did not do the challenge. We made up our own goals (2 attractions, 1 photopass with park icon, 1 character meet and greet, 1 unique snack and 1 magic shot at each park). We did RD at the first park (MK for us since we were staying at the Poly) and booked FPPs for the second park (Epcot for us). We snagged great same day FPPs for HS our third park and AK our fourth park. We did accomplished each goal in every park–and in some parks did more than the goal. By 9 pm we were tired and thought about going back to MK but crashed instead.


Thank you ALL. Here is what I have worked out… Keep in mind, I will be at HS on the Friday until closing, so that is how I am able to work it out… ha
Avatar Flight of Passage
Na’vi River Journey
Expedition Everest
Festival of the Lion King-11am show would be most favorable

SAT - HS. just for bragging rights
quick pics for proof

SAT - MK third
Pirates of the Caribbean - by 2:15
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
The Haunted Mansion
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Leave via Monorail by 6

SAT - Last EP
Soarin’ - by 7
Mexico Pavilion
Norway Pavilion
France Pavilion
United Kingdom Pavilion
Frozen Ever After


I like your plan. It should be a really fun day.

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Looks good. Hopefully you can work the rolling FPP to get a lot of those rides in MK! Have a good time. We always look forward to our 4 park days!