4 Parks/1 Day Touring Plan

I think technically any ride with any FP line has a tap-in point at the front of the line as well. It’s just usually they don’t use it.

I’ve had to tap in again at Splash, PP, BTMR, maybe Kali, not sure what else.

I would advise just doing the ADD option instead of using CANCEL first. Partly because sometimes CANCEL doesn’t work properly, so you’d end up having to go to GS to get it fixed. Also by using ADD, you can see what’s available elsewhere before loosing what you already have.

So, in our transition between DHS and Epcot, if we want to get off of our feet for a few minutes and take the boat, it seems more logical to disembark at The Yacht Club and just walk to the International Gateway from there, avoiding the additional trip across to The Boardwalk and then to Epcot. Does that seem correct?

If it were me I would just stay on the rest of the way. Enjoy the rest


Agreed that I’d stay on the boat. When I was doing the same I decided that the brief stops at the resorts didn’t take so much time that walking really made any much time difference.

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So the day is upon us, tomorrow starts the fun. One final question - if we park at AK and end our night at MK, how easy will it be to get back to AK to pick up our car? How late will the parking lots stay open after park close? We will either get a quick Uber or taxi back.

I just got my answer, there is a ticketed event at AK tomorrow night, so parking lots will be open very late. That is good news.


Good luck tomorrow!! We enjoyed our 4 parks in 1 day last year.
I will be at that ticketed event tomorrow night at AK.

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Good luck tomorrow, my 4 park day is less than a week away

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Very interested to hear how the day comes out!

Ooh, hope it goes well. Let us know when you recover :grinning: !

Happy Riding. May your lines be short and your legs be strong.


Hey all! Thanks for the support. The day is going well so far. We are currently waiting for the boat to Epcot. The only major hurdle so far was Dinosaur being down right away this morning. Luckily, we rope dropped EE twice so that was enough to make up for it, plus the additional free AK FP. Kinda useless actually. Additional Fastpasses have been a little tricky, but we’ve gotten additional for Star Tours, Soarin’ and SSE.


It actually sounds like you are making the addtional FPs work well, though I suppose it’s a bit of work arranging for all your group.

I will reply with more detail tomorrow, but we made it to all 4 parks today, and even ran across another family doing the same thing. We are exhausted. It was fun, but it did not come without a cost. The whole family was pretty loopy on the drive back to our vacation home after about 28,000 steps today. Many good memories made.


So here is a short form of how the day turned out:

AK Rope Drop (arrived at 8:20am)

  • we rope dropped EE (rode twice by 9:10)
  • next on to Dinosaur (got in line with our 9:00am FPs, ride was beginning shut down - UGH - received free Anytime FP for AK, excluding all of Pandora)
  • headed in to It’s Tough To Be A Bug as we passed it (this was not planned, we used the FP from above, even though we didn’t need to, but the younger kids really liked it a lot)
  • we explored Pandora area for a bit (no rides here as no FP modify was available, and lines were extra long), so we decided to head out to DHS (took bus - very convenient - no need to use Uber or Taxi)

DHS (arrived at 11:00am)

  • we started by getting family pictures on Hollywood Blvd and then walked back to Toy Story Land to see about Standby for SDD (2 hrs), so we just checked out the area, including looking over the fences at SWGE.
  • headed to Star Tours (used 11:20am FPs - son selected as rebel spy!!!)
  • headed back out towards Sunset Blvd, grabbed some drinks and a light lunch
  • rode ToT in Standby line (40 min wait - not too bad)
  • got pictures in front of ToT
  • headed for the boat to Epcot (boat arrived quickly and we enjoyed the break)

Epcot (arrived at 2:00pm)

  • stopped by Yorkshire Fish Co. for some Fish-N-Chips (my personal favorite)
  • explored France, England and Canada a little bit instead of heading for Frozen Ever After
  • some of us then rode Soarin’ via the standby line (30 mins) while others kept shopping/exploring
  • all rode SSE (FPs for 3:40pm)
  • scheduled additional FP for MK (Jungle Cruise @ 7:00pm)
  • got pictures in front of SSE and Flower & Garden displays
  • headed for the monorail to MK

Magic Kingdom (arrived at 5:45pm)

  • some of us hung out on Main Street for a while to do some shopping
  • others rode (and really enjoyed) Carousel of Progress
  • rode TTA Peoplemover (all of us)
  • walked to hub for castle pictures at sunset
  • walked to Adventureland and enjoyed The Enchanted Tiki Room (short wait)
  • decided as a group to not use our FPs for Jungle Cruise, instead headed up towards Haunted Mansion
  • rode HM in standby line (40 min wait)
  • waited for Happily Ever After on Main Street, while shopping and hanging out
  • watched Happily Ever After
  • exited park (pretty exhausted) - I actually exited first and made my way to AK to pick up our vehicle so that I could grab them from the drop-off area at MK. I think this helped.

So, we got about 12 attractions done, which does not seem like a lot, but we really avoided doing small things just to get the attraction count up. We enjoyed ourselves, but we realized pretty quickly that this plan is hard to do without a lot of lead-time, and without the ability to pre-schedule FPs at more than one park. Also, leaving MK to the end works great for fireworks etc, but once the week approached, the TP site updated CLs to 8s-10s versus 6s-8s, so we knew we wouldn’t be able to do much at MK that night.

Takeaways: FP rescheduling during the day is extremely challenging with a group of 5, even trying to split the group up. It’s no fun spending all of that time on the app while you’re just trying to enjoy your day. Also, walking your kids past lots of attractions that they’d really like to do, but have long waits, gets tough on them after a while.

In summary, it was fun, and a good challenge that our whole family seemed to get into. We got a few Celebrating Buttons when we visited the photo shop to buy Memory Maker for the day ($69), and wrote “4 Parks / 1 Day” on them, and the CMs really seemed to perk up when they saw this as we toured. We also ran across another family doing it, they were taking a break in Tomorrowland when my wife saw them. They looked as tired as we were. Our steps came in around 28,000+ for the day. The kids agreed that it was fun, but probably would not do it again. Of course, I asked them at the end of the night when they were most tired, but I think the answer would still be the same today. They’d probably rather spend one full day at MK.

I’m sure I forgot a lot of details, but I’ll chime in later if there are questions.


Wow, congratulations. In the end it seems you and your family truly enjoyed the challenge. I agree it kinda sucks spending so much time trying to get FP. My day is this Wednesday. I hope i will have an easier time solo. One advantage i will have is i am starting with EMM at HS.


Great idea with the buttons by the way, love it. I am going to have to do that.

This was purely coincidental, as they gave us the buttons while we were waiting for them to fix our Memory Maker purchase - I think they were doing their best to ease our pain. It suddenly became obvious we had to put the quest on our buttons, and it really worked out great. A large percentage of the CMs and photographers started chatting up the kids once they heard/read what they were doing that day. It made the kids feel a little bit better getting that extra attention.

Good luck with your tour @galuchies_463555. Report back here if you don’t mind, I’d like another reference point for how much a solo party can get done in a single day.

Actually plan on posting a trip report as i go.