4 Parks/1 Day Touring Plan

Here was my plan in Dec 2016, so there may be some must-sees for you that were opened after this plan:

AK: rope drop EMH, Kilimanjaro Safari, Everest, Kali River (had to wait for this to open)
bus to Hollywood Studios, where I had made my FPs
HS: Great Movie Ride, Toy Story Mania FP, Star Tours (actally, I think the FP was earlier so it would expire), Tower of Terror FP, Rock Coaster single rider
boat to Epcot - I could have walked, but boat was part of the experience that day :slight_smile: . I picked up a Soarin’ FP while waiting for the boat
Epcot: Gran Fiesta Tour, grab lunch, Test Track single rider (bonus, line so short I did it twice!), Mission Space orange twice, Club Cool, Soarin’ FP
Monorail to TTC, picked up Space Mountain FP, ferry to MK
MK: Mickey bar treat, Pirates, Big Thunder, Haunted Mansion, Cosmic Ray’s dinner + Sunny Eclipse, People Mover, Laugh Floor, Space Mountain FP, Wishes (on walkway from Tomorrowland, not a choice meant for viewing but just for listening), Jungle Cruise, and done just after 10pm while MK was still open until midnight.

This was a challenge based on my son-in-law’s favorite attractions that he thought could be done in a day, and I had plenty of time so I fit in several of my favorites. Total about 14 hours. Longest wait was for Big Thunder, about 30 minutes.


Ugh. I give up. Someone has opened up my skull and swirled my brains around.

Now, then, am I AT LEAST right in saying that if you try to do such a thing, the chances of there actually BEING a tier 1 ride in another park is probably small? :wink:

Soarin is pretty easy to get, even TT and FEA are possible for the evening.

Obviously not FoP or Slinky. Not sure about the rest.

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Wow, what a great day. I have built in 3 attractions in each park for my plan as well as a photopass stop. I am thinking it will not be much of a problem to get in more, especially after seeing yours.

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I’m still confused by this, though, because I remember this whole long thread like 6+ months ago about this very thing, and there was this whole bit about HAVING to either let your FPPs expire, or tap-in before you could start getting the same-day tier 1 FPPs at a different park. So, I’m not confused what has changed. (Probably nothing…only that I must have misunderstand the entire context the FIRST time around!)

You might be thinking of the same-day same-park tier 1 discssuion.

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Thanks. That wasn’t the thread I was thinking of, but it does appear to contain the information I recall from whatever the other thread was, so it comes to the same end.

I’m going to study REALLY REALLY hard now, and hope to squeak out a passing grade. When’s the test, again?

My wife would never have gone along with my plan, but she wanted to do a spa day so she let me go do my own thing. :smiley:

Solo is an easy way to do the 4 parks, my wife just says “why”. Just doesn’t get it

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timtjarks this is a great plan! What a wonderful day. I think I might do something like this with each of my kids right before or right after graduation.

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So, I’m really starting to think about rescheduling our FPs for AK (park 1) or DHS (park 2 - even though there is not much availability right now). The benefit here would to be getting the first FP out of the way and start booking others as soon as possible after that first use. We have a group of 5.

It seems like I might be over-emphasizing the benefit of Soarin’ FPs based on previous experience, and I might be able to grab that and others with the rolling FP option. Can we book two additional Tier 2 FPs at EP after our first one in AK (FEA and Soarin’)? Will rolling FPs all day be a better option than what we’ve got currently scheduled at Epcot? Thoughts?

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IF you can get them at this point, SDD FP+ has to be the best bet. Otherwise you’ll probably have a 90+ minute wait just there. Go ahead and get Tower FPs too, and something else early in the morning so it expires. Doesn’t matter what.

Get to Na’vi River at RD.

The problem you will run into with picking up FPs later same day is that you have 5 people. Get creative and try to find single FPs in overlapping times. I think I’d still rather standby all the Epcot stuff than doing that at SDD.

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Based on what we were seeing already, we will not get SDD or ToT FPs booked for late morning in advance, and we were already open to STANDBY in those lines as they are two of our key attractions. Currently on our TP, SDD is projected at 60 mins STANDBY and ToT projected at 40 mins STANDBY, which we will be OK with provided we have plans later in the day for minimal waits elsewhere.

So, I am now thinking early FPs at AK just to use them up in the system so that we can book others late morning (try to add SDD or ToT if possible), or early afternoon at EP.

Our attractions that we really do not want to miss are the following:

AK: EE & DINO (just walking thru Pandora is enough for us)
EP: FEA, Soarin’ and SSE
MK: 7DMT, HM, BTMR, TTA, Tiki and POTC

Based on that, I’d stick with your Epcot FPs. EE has single rider, and Dino probably won’t be so bad. Then work on getting some same day FPs at MK after you’re through with your Epcot.

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I will always make FPs earlier in the day. If you do decide to change to FPs to AK hopefully you can get EE and Dino for early in the morning. RD Navi is easy to do since everyone else is headed to FOP, you wont wait long. If you time the drops right you may luck out and get a FP for SDD but don’t be surprised if its for later in the afternoon which could mess with your plan. As far as Epcot, you may be able to pick up Soarin and SSE but probably not FEA. By the time you get to MK the only tough FP is 7DMT, you have a chance of picking up others like POTC, HM or BTMR.

OK - so I reran my Personalized Touring Plans for the day, and since you can only pre-book one of the Tier 1 FPs for Epcot, there was little value in time savings for the other two FPs that I had booked. With the limitations that puts on scheduling other FPs, I think I might try and book two early FPs at AK and then modifying all day long in an attempt to book something at DHS (ToT?), other attractions at Epcot (Soarin’ or FEA), and additional attractions at MK late in the day.

Thanks for all of the insight, everyone, it really has made me step back once again and reconsider all options.


So, we cancelled our Epcot FPs and have now scheduled FPs at AK for Dinosaur (9:00) and a mid-day FP for EE, which we plan to modify or cancel. So, we will RD EE and then use our FP for Dinosaur and start the modifying process once we tap-in there. We will try to add/modify a NRJ FP, or just go standby, which TP says should only be about a 30 min wait at 9:40 am. Other add/modify options will be for SDD or ToT at DHS, or FEA or Soarin’ at Epcot.

Why not just RD Navi and then modify EE after Dino? Correct me if I am wrong but don’t you have to use the original 3 in the first park before you can get one in another park?

Mostly because we do not care if we ride Navi as much as riding EE. We’re happy to cancel the EE FPs right away and get something else for DHS or Epcot. I guess we’re just not 100% ready to assume we’ll get FPs for EE at 9:20 or something like that. Are we wrong? We’ll gladly ride EE again or Navi if we get them, but we’re still not counting on it.

Got it. I think your chances are pretty good to modify EE earlier. What day are you doing this?