4 days, what plans do I use for 2 adults and 2 teen boys (16 & 14)?

Hi folks, We are new to universal, we have done Disney numerous times but my 15 turning 16 year old son has been begging to go to Universal since Harry Potter was announced. We are planning a surprise trip for the boys and we will be there for 4 days, so looking at the touring plans I’m a little confused on which one(s) to use. I appreciate any help you can lend! Thanks, Lisa

I would do a 1 day wwohp plan and a 2 day plan. The best ones are under the Adults tab They can be difficult to use as for the 1 day one you need to make 2 plans and for the 2day one you make 4 plans. Also the wwohp one is best evaluated not optimised as its been specially designed to incorporate Hog warts express. If you evaluate it it can have you departing before you arrive.

Links https://touringplans.com/plans/1144171

The 2 day plan will have wwohp stuff in it so you can remove it out and add anything thats missing

If you are onsite with exp pass you don’t really need a tp . You need to do F/J and gringotts first or in the evening. DM during early hours as exp line gets insanely long and ride the hog exp before 11 and after 5.

We have 4 nights 5 days booked for April and can’t wait . Havent been since DA opened.