4 days Park to Park with Unlimited Express Pass

We are planning a trip to Univeral in July. We are doing 4 days at the park, using Park-to-Park tickets and utilizing the Unlimited Express Pass from the resort. We love Harry Potter, but want to see everything. My husband will just be finishing chemo, so we don’t want to have to cram it all in a 2-day plan. What would be best?

Don’t know exactly what you are asking. but 4 days onsite with exp pass will be best. DH might be eligible for an Assistance pass ( or whatever uni call it).If queues are over 30 mins you get a return time and if under 30 mins you get immediate access. The advantage of it is that it is valid for FJ and Gringotts which don’t have exp pass( not sure about hogwarts express)

Since you have the express. I would get up early and do Harry Potter - then just start picking off the other rides. If people are tired take a break, come back and do more. Between 4 days and the express pass I would think you would see everything at least once - even if you take substantial breaks. The thing I like about Universal is there is much less planning needed.